Season: Fall Season

Coaches:    Mrs Rusch
                  Mr. Jardine
                  Ms. Verhallen
                  Ms. Dobbin

Good work at the Merivale tournament Friday.  We are very excited for the season ahead!
Any girls who were released from the team are welcome to continue coming to practice with the team.  
We practice Monday morning (in the gym), Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.

We leave Thursday Oct 1st at 3:30 pm for our tournament in Toronto.  We will return Saturday evening.  Please reserve those dates on your calendar. 

Varsity Girls Field Hockey Team 2015/2016

Helena Jovic

Talia Knuth

Alexis Anagnostopoulos

Rachel Thompson

Cassie Bohm

Lauren Butterfield

Ashley Bruce

Burkina Gauthier

Sasha Huybregts

Allison Hatcher

Isabella Fizzard

Jayden Hoganson

Chelsea Knuth

Brenda Thompson

Mackenzie Corrigan

Laurysa Lewis

Brooklyn Vantslot

Livia Cooper

Crisanna Sotiropoulos

Matisse Gauthier

Maryam Maamoun

Try Outs:  Team information meeting first week of school in September.  Try outs start the beginning of the second week of school.

Competitive Season:  League games start the third week of September.  
                                We attend the Merivale Tournament the second week of school
                                We go to 2-3 tournaments between the start of the school year and mid October
                                There is a 6 game season followed by playoffs.