Code of Behaviour

John McCrae Secondary School Athlete Expectations

As athletes at John McCrae, students must understand that playing interscholastic sports and representing the school is a privilege, not a right. As such, student-athletes must abide by the following expectations:

  1. Each student athlete must work to achieve academic success.

  2. Students must conform to the Code of Behaviour as outlined in the JMSS student handbook.

  3. School attendance is compulsory. Students with unexcused absences from school for the entire day are ineligible to take part in practices or competitions. Students who are absent for part of the day must follow the proper JMSS procedures (i.e. signing in and out) to be eligible for practice and/or competition.

  4. Students who are suspended (either from school or from the team) the day of a game or the day of a practice are not permitted to participate with any team activity. Once the athletic or academic suspension has cleared the athlete can resume their position on the team only if the coach is in willing to have the athlete return.

  5. By signing this form, the student-athlete is committing his/herself to this team. Student-athletes who miss practices or games without informing the coach in advance can expect disciplinary action.

  6. If after the team is formed a student-athlete considers quitting a team during the season, the athlete must discuss his/her options with the coach, the parents and the Athletic Director (Mrs. Rusch). If after the discussion, it is recommended that the student-athlete remain with the team, but chooses to quit anyway, the student will not be allowed to play on another school team for one calendar year.

  7. Coaches must be treated with respect and dignity. Referees, minor officials, opposing players and coaches and fans are to be treated with the same respect.

  8. If you are in disagreement with the actions and/or decisions of a coach or team member, you should discuss the matter with your coach. You may consult the Athletic Director at any time.

  9. JMSS is a member school of the NCSSAA and OFSAA, will follow the constitution and by-laws of these associations.

  10. Unless otherwise specified, failure to abide by the expectations listed above may result in disciplinary action up to and including the loss of playing privileges for that team. Whether an athlete leaves a team by their own volition (quitting) or by a decision made by the coaching staff or school authorities for reasons including but not limited to unacceptable behaviour or failure to meet academic responsibilities, the athlete will not be eligible to play on a school team for the duration of a one calendar year period. The athlete will only be eligible to return to a school team once an agreement has been reached with the Athletic Director.

  11. The student-athlete is personally responsible for any school equipment/uniform this is lent to her/him. A deposit will be collected and will be cashed if said equipment is not returned within one week of season's end. A service charge will be levied should a cashed cheque need to be refunded.