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Concussion Info

Return to Play (6 Step Approach)

An athlete with a diagnosed concussion is to follow the medically supervised six step Return to Physical Activity Process below.  All steps much be completed.  The form Appendix C-4: Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity is used through the six step process to track the attainment of each step.

The athlete can proceed to the next step only when he/she is asymptomatic at the current step for at least 24 hours.  

NOTES: Steps are not days-each step must take a minimum of 24 hours.

The time required to complete each step will vary based on the severity of the concussion and medical history of the student.

If signs and symptoms return during any of the steps, the athlete must return to STEP 1.

STEP 1:  Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity

Rest:  No activity, complete physical and cognitive rest.

Duration:  Until asymptomatic (minimum of 24 hours) or symptoms begin to improve.

PARENT/GUARDIAN:  Before the athlete can return to school to the school principal that the symptoms are beginning to improve. 

Appendix C-4 must be communicated with the school principal.

SCHOOL RESPONSIBILITIES: Need to designate a school lead who can consult with other members of the collaborative team.

STEP 2A: Return to Learn

Activity:  requires individual classroom strategies.

Restrictions: cognitive activity should be increased slowly (max-1 test per day)

STEP 2B:  Return to Physical Activity

Activity:  Individual only, light aerobic exercise (e.g. walking or stationary cycling)

Duration: Max 10-15 minutes over a 24 hour period.

Restrictions: No resistance training.  No competition (including practices and scrimmages). 

No body contact, head impact activities (heading a ball in soccer) and other jarring motions (high speed stops.) 

The student must be clearly identified visually as being injured (colour of pinnie to prevent accidental contact.)

PARENTS/GUARDIANS:  must communicate results back to school principal (APPENDIX C-4) that the athlete continues to be symptom free.

STEP 3:  Return to Physical Activity

Activity:  Individual activity only.  Sport specific such as shooting drills, running drills.  

Maximum 20-30 minutes over 24 hours.

Restrictions:  No weight training, no competition. No body contact and no head on head contact. 

Student must be clearly identified as injured (e.g. red pinnie)

STEP 4:  Return to Physical Activity

Activity: Those with minimal opportunities for body contact (e.g. badminton, dance). 

Review offensive and defensive plays at a slower speed.  Light resistance training.

Restrictions:  No activities that involve body contact or head impact.

TEACHER/COACH:  Communicates with parents that the athlete has sussesfully completed steps 3 and 4.

PARENT/GUARDIAN:  Must provide the school with written documentation from a medical doctor (complete Appendix C-4 that indicates that the athlete is symptom free.

PRINCIPAL:  Needs to file the Appendix C-4 in the student's OSR.

STEP 5:  Return to Physical Activity

Activity:  Full participation in regular physical activity classes/intraurals/interschool teams with no body contact. 

Full contact training/practices for interschool teams that involve body contact.

Restrictions:  No competition (e.g. games meets or events) that involve body contact.

Once clear of concussion symptoms for at least 24 hours, athlete may proceed to step 6 with parental permission.

STEP 6:  Return to Physical Activity (Contact Sports Only)

Full participation in all physical activities, including full contact games

Restrictions: None