AP Update May 20, 2020:  The first sittings of AP exams began last week and will wrap up on Friday, May 22nd. Some students elected to sit the exams during the later, alternate exam session which runs in the first week of June. Exam results will be communicated to students via their AP online accounts in July. All arrangements for sending AP exam results to a student's destination university are to be made by the student through AP Central. JMSS's Student Services department is not responsible for AP exam assessment, results, communication of AP results to universities, or AP account issues.  

Registered AP students who elected not to write the exams this year will be provided a full refund. Students have all been contacted by email with the details about how this will happen. Please be patient with how long it might take for the process to unfold, as it's not business-as-usual at AP or in our office. 

AP Changes due to COVID-19: AP is currently making accommodations and changes to their exam procedures and cancellation policies. 2020 AP exams will be going ahead, but will be done as streamlined online exams at home. Students who no longer wish to take the exams will have the opportunity to get a full refund of their registration fees. AP is in the process of working out the logistics of that and will provide information soon. I will contact students via email to give them the update when I have it, and AP will also reach out to students via their AP Classroom. Stay tuned. 
K. Barbour

Advanced Placement Opportunities at John McCrae

As part of our of our goal to develop extended learning opportunities for students we are pleased to offer Advanced Placement coaching and exams at John McCrae.
What is Advanced Placement?

Advanced Placement ("AP") enables senior students to enrich some of their Grade 12 courses. Based on their performance on rigorous AP Examinations, students can potentially earn a university credit, preferred placement at a university, or both (consult individual universities for what they offer AP students). 

Although AP began in the United States and has its examinations set by the “College Board” based there (the company responsible for SATs), it has gained worldwide recognition similar to that of the International Baccalaureate Program. All universities in Canada recognize AP and consider it for placement and/or credit.

When engaging in AP studies, students work on an extended course curriculum which goes beyond that required by the Ontario Ministry of Education credits. (see info below)  AP is distinct from the International Baccalaureate (IB) in that it is not a comprehensive "program" - students select the individual subjects they wish to enrich through AP.

AP Subjects at John McCrae 2020-2021 School Yearhttps://apstudent.collegeboard.org/
  • Calculus (Level AB)
  • Chemistry
  • French Language
  • English Literature  
  • Computer Science
All of these opportunities are directed at the Grade 12 level, though students may challenge the French Language exam in Grades 11 or 12.

What does AP look like at John McCrae? 

AP classes are offered based on demand, and this can change every year. This year we have one specifically AP course (where every student in the class is pursuing AP). In the other subjects, students work with their AP teacher-coach in an extra-curricular setting to enrich their class work and perhaps challenge the AP exam. 

It is important to note that all students must earn Ontario credits to graduate, so students in the extended courses have the same tests, projects and examinations as those students who are not attempting AP. The AP extended learning is evaluated by the writing of the AP Examination in May (these exams are evaluated externally - by the AP College Board - and have no bearing on a student's Ontario transcript marks or attainment of Ontario credits).

How It Works

JMSS teachers offer resources and extra-curricular mentoring in these subject areas to help students in their preparation for the AP exams.  See the Math department web page for more information about how Calculus is offered here.

Students who have completed the additional studies in each area will be given the opportunity to write the AP Examinations in May. The registration fee is $150 per exam. Students who take an AP exam can choose to have their results sent to their prospective universities to be considered for: preference in acceptance, earned elective credits, or earned equivalent credits (depending on university policy). Students who take these extra-curricular exams must also take their regular JMSS exams.

More information on this will be given to students who decide to challenge the exams.

For more information on university acceptance go the websites of your prospective schools and search for AP in the Registrar's information.

Who Should Consider AP?

We believe AP is an excellent opportunity for students who have demonstrated their ability to handle a difficult course load. It is not for everyone, as the extra work is very demanding, and largely independent - outside of class time. At present, department heads help screen potential students by looking at previous grades and by consulting with other teachers. Students should discuss AP with their teachers and guidance counselors.

Most importantly, students who study AP courses enrich their learning experience, challenge themselves, and help prepare themselves for the rigours of their first year at university. The experience of AP is by far the most important benefit.

Important Details About AP
  • AP opportunities at John McCrae are for Grade 12 students (and Grade 11 for French)
  • OCDSB policy does not consider AP a criteria for granting cross-boundary transfers
  • AP exams are evaluated by the College Board in the U.S. 
  • AP exam marks are not considered in a student's Ontario course marks and do not appear on their school transcripts
  • AP Calculus AB special considerations:
    • where the course is over-enrolled priority will be given to students in grade 12
    • where the course is over-enrolled selection will be based on marks and teacher references
    • exam registration has been moved by AP. It is now in November.  There will be no orders placed after that date.
    • if you order an exam and don't write it, AP charges a $53.00 cancellation charge for each exam regardless of the reason for cancellation.
    • please carefully consider whether the exam is beneficial to you.
Need More Information?

If you have questions, please email the following contacts:


AP Coordinator: Kristen Barbour kristen.barbour@ocdsb.ca Please contact me via email.
Your child's guidance counselor: JMSS Guidance
Principal: richard.king@ocdsb.ca

https://sites.google.com/a/ocdsb.ca/jmss_advanced-placement/ap-jmss-updates, and FORMS