Welcome to Glebe Collegiate Institute's Health and Physical Education Department

Glebe C.I. has a long and rich history of excellence in Health and Physical Education and Athletics dating back to 1922. The current Health and Physical Education Program is built upon this solid foundation and continues to innovate to prepare students to live a healthy active life in today's rapidly changing world. We are proud to offer a broad range of programming options that allows students to find activities they enjoy and to develop a passion for physical activity and improve their health related fitness.

We work with community partners and public health to offer dynamic health education which helps provide students with the information necessary to make good health related decisions and the necessary skills to thoughtfully reflect on how those choices and behaviours affect both them and those around them. (Ontario Curriculum Grade 9-12 Health and Physical Education p. 101)

(The Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum, 2010 Interim Edition, pg.5)


In the program, students will:

  • Engage in a fitness class and optimize learning readiness through achieving desired heart rates;

  • Proceed to an academic where fitness and brain ‘burst’ activities are integrated;

  • Participate in a cross-curricular initiative;

  • Excel in a supportive network that connects to wellness, engagement, learning and leadership;

  • Participate in activities that emphasize personal achievement.

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