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Canadian and World Studies & Social Science and Humanities

For a description of the courses offered in this department, please click here for Social Science and Humanities and here for Canadian and World Studies.

News and Projects                                                                                                                                 

Glebe and Lisgar Remember with St. Matthew's Church
On Sunday, November 9th, 2014, Glebe and Lisgar students researched and presented the lives of St. Matthew's parishioners Harold Burgess (Lisgar) and Harold Fisher (Glebe) who were killed in action in the First and Second World Wars. 

Harold Crawford Fisher

SEVEC Exchange to Alberta
Be a part of a unique cultural exchange opportunity with a Cree community in Northern Alberta. We host students in Ottawa during Winterlude and then we travel there in May. See Ms. Jansen Van Doorn Campbell for more information.

May 2015 - History Travel Opportunity!

Commemorate Victory in Europe: The 70th Anniversary  (click for itinerary and to register).
Canadian Troops April 1945

 9 days in France, Belgium and the Netherlands - be there for this once in a lifetime experience. 

Spaces are available until December 2014. Contact Ms. Collishaw for more information.

The OCDSB International Certificate Program. Earn a certificate for your participation in global activities and courses over 4 years of high school. See Ms. Souannhaphanh in room 230 for more information and to register.

Glebe's World War II Memorial - Students in grade 10 history courses have completed profiles of Glebe's WWII war dead through the CHC2D history course. Community input is always welcome.

National Capital History Day  - April 4th, 2014

Glebe students took first place and won $1000 for social science resources!

Left: These lucky winners earned first place in website, documentary and essay - medals, glory and sweet museum swag!

Right: All participants on History Day 2014. This was before they knew they had won the overall prize!

Courses Offered                                                                                                                                     

The compulsory courses all students must take while in grades 9 and 10.
 * indicates a 0.5 credit
 Grade 9 Grade 10
 CGC1D (F, I, S) CHC2D (F, I, )
 CGC1P (S)
 CHC2P  (S)
 - CHV2O (S, F) * (taken with GLC2O (S,F) as a full credit)

Grade 11 Courses

 Course TitleCourse Code 
American History CHA3U 
 World History
(pre-15th century)
 World History since 1900 CHT3O
Canadian Law  CLU3M

Raising Healthy Children  HPC3O
 World Religions and BeliefHRT3M 

Understanding Fashion HNC3C 
 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology  HSP3C
Native Studies  NDA3M

Grade 12 Courses

 Course Title     Course Code 
World Issues    CGW4U 
World History
(post-15th century) 
 Canadian and International Law CLN4U
Current Economic Issues     CIA4U
 Adventures in World History CHM4E
 Legal Issues CLN4C
Philosophy HZT4U