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At Glebe, there are tons of clubs, sports teams, and organizations; the goal is to make high school enjoyable for each student! Clubs are a big part of Glebe, and we recommend that each student gets involved whenever possible. 

The Heads of Clubs meetings are held in Room 120 the first Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise stated). Clubs can book events, and promote involvement, during these meetings.
 Our Clubs Where and when do they meet?
Students' Council

Students' Council is made up of students, who are elected at the beginning of June the previous year, who meet weekly to organize events to better the school community. Students' Council leads several initiatives unique to Glebe, including the annual Food Drive and Cheo Drive, while making each school year fun and memorable.

Mondays at Lunch
Room 120

Thursdays at Lunch (after GLO)
Room 120
Anime Club

Discovering the finer points of Japanese Animation, this club focuses on learning different aspects of Japanese culture, including art. 

 Best Buddies 

This rewarding club pairs up students of the ECL class with members of the group. This group hosts movie nights, dances, free throw competitions, and always maintains a welcoming environment. 

 Dance Crew

Dance Crew works ferociously to impress the school with their unforgettable routines. They practice and preform for our school often, always leaving the audience amazed at their amazing messages, like anti-bullying.


 Debate Club

The members of this team love to argue and they have opinions on just about everything. They participate in competitions, and they work on their arguments, public speaking skills, and their art of debating. 


 Fishing Club

The Fishing Club may be new to our school, but their role in our school always impresses the rest. The club trains new members on the art of attaching bait to the hook, patience, and waiting. They have advanced tips and tricks, and hold inner competitions.


Glebe Leadership

GLO is an organization of active students who strive to help charities and foundations. They help organize the Terry Fox Run, Food Drive, and CHEO Drive, something unique to Glebe. The club gives students a chance to earn some volunteer hours, while having fun!


Thursdays at Lunch
Room 120

 Gay-Straight Alliance

GSA strives to change perceptions on gender and sexuality rules. They offer a welcoming and safe environment for anyone who wishes to join, showing everyone that nothing will define them. Their mandate is love is love, no matter what gender or sexual preference. 

 K.E.Y. Club

K.E.Y. Club is a huge organization, spread across Canada. Their goal is to give back to the community, any way possible. They hold several fundraisers yearly, while giving students an opportunity to earn some volunteer hours!
Link Crew

Link Crew's main goal is to help grade 9 students in any way possible. This crew wants to integrate grade 9's into school spirit, functions, and academia. They hold movie nights, and keep them informed all year long!
 Magic Cards

Magic Cards is brand new to Glebe, and they have fun reliving the past! They play card games from their childhood, and have a blast while doing so.

Reach for the Top

Glebe's Reach for the Top club ponders questions daily, and compete to see who is the most mentally fit. They answer a variety of questions, and host several competitions amongst themselves. 


Glebe's Robotics team is a dedicated group of students, who come together and design state-of-the-art robots. They take their creations to competitions, to win prizes and bragging rights. 


Playing the world's most popular and greatest word game, scrabble, members learn new and foreign words daily. Always accepting new members, the club loves learning more about english words. 



Learn about spanish culture, art, and the language itself! This club has fiestas (and siestas!) to celebrate and bring different spanish speaking people together. They enjoy spanish music along with food to understand the exotic language. 


 Stage Crew

This small and talented group of students run all of our assemblies and events behind the scenes. They are all dedicated and work hard with sounds, lights, and curtains. 



Reliving their fun childhood through the global phenomenon; Starcraft. They have in-game competitions against each other weekly, while sharing a science-fiction passion.


 Those Who Initiate Greener Spaces

T.W.I.G.S. plays a huge role in helping the planet. They find ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and raise money to assure Glebe remembers to protect our surroundings.



Yearbook remains a big part of Glebe. They're always taking pictures, capturing the memories, then representing them in the annual yearbooks. Students can buy yearbooks throughout the year to remember their year.


 World Action Club

WAC hosts events every few months to raise awareness. They have Coffee Houses and 30 hour famine to showcase students' talents and help local and global charities.