About Us
        Glebe Collegiate, founded in 1922, is the largest public secondary school in the Ottawa-Carleton region. Throughout its illustrious history, Glebe has maintained a strong tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and other activities achieved through the spirit of motivation of its students.

        Today, Glebe reflects on a multicultural community with rigorous standards of academic integrity for students in a wider variety of grammes including French Immersion, French Immersion Gifted, Extended French, English as a Second Language, Regular English and advanced placement.

        Students are encouraged to keep a broad academic focus and to involve themselves in sports, arts, and other co-curricular activities in order to cultivate a balance in their lives. Emphasis is placed on personal character development, respect for all individuals and the importance of honestly, self-respect and personal integrity. This perspective attracts highly qualified and experienced teachers who are educational leaders.

        Both students and staff at Glebe continue to strive for excellence in all their endeavours, true to our school motto, "In Alta Tende" which translates, from Latin, to Strive For The Heights. 

    Glebe Collegiate Institute had several soldiers that fought in the Second World War. They defended Canada and helped liberate Belgium, Holland, and France. As a part of Grade 10 Canadian History, students research a soldier and their stories, honouring them in the project "We Remember" or "Nous nous souviendrons." To discover the stories of Glebe soldiers, and to get a glimpse at Glebe's talent, click here.

An old picture of Glebe under construction.