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Students with last names A-K, book an appointment with Mr.Kirby
Students with last names L-Z, book an appointment with Mr. Wolfe

Dear Students and Parents,

The staff of Cairine Wilson Secondary School sincerely hope you and your family are well, keeping safe and had a wonderful summer. We are excited about another school year beginning and working with our students. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to incorporate a few changes from the perspective of our Department of Student Services. Please note:

1. Students Services will be locked during the school day. Students are only allowed to enter Student Services if they have a pre-arranged appointment with their guidance counsellor. Only one student is allowed into Student Services at any given time.

2. Students can book an appointment time with their guidance counsellor by going to the Cairine Wilson SS website, click on the Student Services tab, then click on the name of your guidance counsellor to book an appointment time/date.

3. All appointments with guidance counsellors will be done remotely. For example, if a student has an appointment with his/her guidance counsellor during the day which they're in school, the student comes to Student Services where they will be directed to an empty office and be provided with a laptop so they can meet with their guidance counsellor using Google Meet. In an effort to minimize classroom disruptions, students are encouraged to book an appointment with their guidance counsellors on days when they are not in school - that is, during days when their cohort is completing online learning from home.

4. For students who need forms to track their community hours, these forms will be located just outside of Student Services. Information pertaining to volunteer opportunities will be posted on the bulletin board outside of Student Services, posted on our school website, and/or shared via Twitter or Instagram. Likewise for information pertaining to post-secondary related topics.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Student Services. Thank you and take care.

Homework Help 

Discover the benefits of free one-on-one math tutoring!
This free online service is available for Ontario students in grades 7 to 10
OPEN HOUSE During the open house,  Ask A Tutor Chat provides live one-on-one tutoring with Ontario Certified math teachers every Sunday to Thursday from 5:30 - 9:30 p.m. More information is available in Student Services.

Student Services at CW include: Guidance and Career Education, Cooperative Education and Special Education. Our team includes guidance counselors, learning support teachers, educational assistants, guidance technician, multicultural liaison officer (MLO), psychologist and social worker. We also liaise with many other community agencies and organizations.

Students and Parents looking to research career and post secondary information can click on the Career Cruising Site.
To view the entire list of courses offered at Cairine Wilson please click on the
To research volunteer hours opportunities click on this Volunteer Ottawa link. In addition, here is another link to volunteer opportunities across Ontario.

A list of other community resources for families:

Kids Help Line: website: www.kidshelpphone.ca
or call: 1-800-668-6868, 
or text CONNECT to 686868
Youth Services Bureau: (YSB): 613-260-2360 
or chat.ysb.ca