Feeder School Show - Nov 21
Show Dates - Nov 22-25

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Pit Orchestra

If you are interested in playing the pit orchestra, send jason.sinkus@ocdsb.ca an email with the part you are interested in

You can find details about instrumentation and rehearsals on the PIT PAGE

Drowsy Chaperone Cast

Woman in Chair - Gaelyn Klein

Robert - Cameron Martin

Janet - Devon Sweeney

George - Jackson Hunter

Feldzeig - Adam Linton

Kitty - Shannon Costello

Trix - Mirana Rambelo

Drowsy Chaperone - Rawan Ismail

Aldolpho - Riley Hardwick

Tottendale - Ally Downes

Underling - Gavin Johnstone

2 Gangsters - Scott McKinnon, Bronwyn Wade

Superintendent - Aidan Willette

2 Reporters - Van Vum, Marianna Kokkinos

Wedding Guests & Staff - Camryn Gallagher, Katarina Fiallos, Oliver Munevar-Pelton, Josiah McLellan, Tatiana Lapina, Nina Vuleta, Chloe Hataley, Kennedy Montanaro