Feeder School Show - Nov 21
Show Dates - Nov 22-25

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Pit Orchestra

If you are interested in playing the pit orchestra, send jason.sinkus@ocdsb.ca an email with the part you are interested in

You can find details about instrumentation and rehearsals on the PIT PAGE

Drowsy Chaperone Cast

Thank you to all who auditioned! Below is the cast for our production of Drowsy Chaperone.

We will be holding a meeting to talk about next steps for the show. Stay tuned for date and time!


Woman in Chair - Gaelyn Klein

Robert - Cameron Martin

Janet - Devon Sweeney

George - Jackson Hunter

Feldzeig - Adam Linton

Kitty - Shannon Costello

Trix - Mirana Rambelo

Drowsy Chaperone - Rawan Ismail

Aldolpho - Riley Hardwick

Tottendale - Ally Downes

Underling - Gavin Johnstone

2 Gangsters - Scott McKinnon, Bronwyn Wade

Superintendent - Aidan Willette

2 Reporters - Van Vum, Marianna Kokkinos

Wedding Guests & Staff - Camryn Gallagher, Katarina Fiallos, Oliver Munevar-Pelton, Josiah McLellan, Tatiana Lapina, Nina Vuleta, Chloe Hataley, Kennedy Montanaro