The 2017/2018  Academic year is upon us.  I look forward to working with you and getting to know each of you a little better.

What am I doing this Semester?

Semester 2 I will teaching  Grade 11 Chemistry  and Grade 9 Academic Math

Where can you find me?

If you need to see me please stop by my office (Room 219) anytime.  Sometimes at lunch, I can also be found in the Resource Room (212).  You can also send me an email at elizabete.casimiro@ocdsb.ca

What about if you need extra help?

Extra help is always available at the students' request.  My schedule changes from week to week, so I do not have regular hours for extra help, but Please do speak with me during class regarding extra help or send me an email at elizabete.casimiro@ocdsb.ca.  Students are encouraged to seek extra help as soon as difficulties arise.  No problem is too small, to get a handle on.  Also, please note that both the math and science room have an extra help room open at lunch.  See me for more details.