Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Level A and Standard First Aid

These two compulsory certifications for the program are completed together over two days with St. John Ambulance. This level is standard for most businesses today and covers a wide range of topics including emergency scene management, wounds and bleeding, medical conditions, and fractures. These certifications also look great on a high school resume! For more information on this two-day training program, click here.

Customer Service

The customer service training certification is offered annually and is run by CustomNet Services, an industry-recognized organization. The course teaches students how to excel in customer service roles, whether it may be dealing with a complaint, answering the phone, or formal e-mail protocol. These skills are the base for any individual looking to study business and are extremely helpful, even in everyday life.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

This certification offers general information such as how WHMIS works and the uses and hazards of certain controlled products. WHMIS training is appropriate for many high school-level jobs and is also very important for general safety. Please note that the WHMIS training provided for the Business SHSM program is general and not site-specific.


Counterfeit Detection

The Counterfeit Detection certification teaches students simply, as the title suggests, how to detect counterfeit money. The course covers both older paper bank notes as well as the newer polymer bank notes. Students, by the end of the course, will be able to check bank notes for many characteristics of authenticity.


This course teaches students about proper ergonomics, a growing concern today. They will learn about to remain and act safely in the workplace and take care of their bodies.

Health and Safety - Basic

Students in this certification will learn about the needs of both employers and employees to keep a workplace safe and healthy. 

Management / Leadership

In this course students will learn about the basic of management and leadership. They will learn about the various types of management approaches and leadership styles to properly approach a work team and to be a successful leader. 

Personality Inventory

Personality Inventory is an interesting and modern certification, using conducted with Customer Service with CustomNet, that studies the four main groups of people. The lessons help students determine which group they fall in and how to recognize which group others fall into, in order to be able to communicate more effectively and work together more cohesively. 

Retail Representative

Positions for retail representative are currently in high demand, and this certification will help students gain the skills that they need to excel in this role, which is becoming more and more common for students. Trainees will learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate with potential customers as well as everything else related to the job. This certification is a great base for building a career in customer service.


This certification provides basic training and knowledge for the ever-growing and ever-changing field of software. From smartphones to super-computers, and everything in between, this course provides a solid base understanding.

Summer Company Program

This certification is by far the most fun and interesting. Offered by the government of Ontario, this program allows students to learn from business professionals and to run their very own business during the summer, receiving up to $3000 to do so. This is an incredible opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and also make some money during the summer!