About the Program

The Canterbury High School Business SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) program is the only one of its kind in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. 

SHSM credits table

The Business SHSM gives students a head start no matter what their post-secondary school path may be. It allows students to learn about all of the factors of business, offering courses such as Accounting, Marketing, Business Leadership, and several more. Through this intensive program, students are given a competitive edge in the world, lasting for their entire educational and professional careers. 

As is shown on the left, the Business SHSM program consists of nine different credits which vary depending on desired post-secondary school path. The program stretches across grade eleven and twelve.
Students wishing to pursue further formal education after high school in either university or college are required to take two business courses in grade eleven, two business courses in grade twelve, one grade twelve English credit, two math credits; one in grade eleven and one in grade twelve, and finally two cooperative education credits. The same goes for students going into an apprenticeship after secondary school. Students going straight into a workplace are still required to take the same amount of business and cooperative education credits, but instead of two math courses they are required to complete two English courses, one in grade eleven and the other in grade twelve.

The level of courses will of course differ depending on post-secondary path. Business and cooperative education courses only have one grade level, which is completed by all Business SHSM students, but math and English have several different grade levels. Below, please find a chart explaining required course levels for all of the different post-secondary paths.

 Desired Post-Secondary Path Required Course Level
 (Applies to math and English only)
 Possible Career Opportunities
 Any level (Course codes ending in U, M, or C) Administrative Clerk, Customer Service, Purchasing Clerk, Real Estate  Agent
 Apprenticeship Any level (Course codes ending in U, M, or C) Retailer, Parts Technician, Special Events Coordinator
 College Any level (Course codes ending in U, M, or C) Accounting Clerk, Bookkeeping, Legal Secretary, Insurance Adjuster
 University University and Mixed only (Course codes ending in U and M, see specific  university entrance requirements for details) Marketing Researcher, Economist, Executive Assistant, Investment Analyst

SHSM What?

A SHSM is a Specialist High Skills Major, which allows students to focus in on an area of expertise. There are several SHSM's offered at various high schools under the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. Canterbury High School is the only school which offers the Business SHSM.

Below is a table showing all of the compulsory and elective certifications that are required with the Business SHSM.

At Canterbury High School there is a total of 8 different business courses which can be taken through secondary school. Below is a table showing all of these courses under their grade level. Courses in grade 11 and grade 12 can count towards the Business SHSM.

 Grade Nine Ten Eleven Twelve
Course Name and CodeInformation and Communication Technology in Business (BTT10)Introduction to Business (BB120)Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BAF3M)

Entrepreneurship: The Venture (BDI3C)

Marketing: Goods, Services, Events (BMI3C)

Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment (BTA3O)
International Business Fundamentals (BBB4M)

Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals (BOH4M)

For a description of each of the courses listed above, please click here.

If you wish to see the OCDSB overview document of the Business SHSM, click here