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Closing the Opportunity Gap & Achievement Gap in Orange County

Egalitarianism: we believe in and wholeheartedly practice human equality especially with respect to learning outcomes, opportunities, and experiences, as well as social, political, and economic affairs.

Both improvement & performance must have deliberate focus on supporting equity of access, opportunity, & outcomes for all of California’s diverse students.
Closing the Gap: Promising Practices

Ted Talks
As a global community, we all want to end poverty. Mia Birdsong suggests a great place to start: Let's honor the skills, drive and initiative that poor people bring to the struggle every day. 

A growing body of research from education scholars shows that an Ethnic Studies pedagogy taught at the K-12 level exposes students to an empowering and academically rigorous curriculum that has proven positive academic and social benefits to students of all races

Stanford University: SCOPE
Policy, in-school, Community & neighborhood recommendations
Providing the right experiences for growth requires knowledge of child and youth development. The development of the four foundational components, along with agency, integrated identity, and competencies, occurs at different stages throughout childhood and adolescence.

CA Dept. of Education
Whole Child and Academic Outcomes

Ch 9 Access & Equity. Ch 9 Assessment  

Pew Research Center

National Council of La Raza Education Advocacy

The Education Trust-West

Access to Rigorous Standards, Curriculum, and Assessments

Today's 21st Century Business practices include collectivist cultures, how will we include in our school?

Californian's Together

Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap: Liberating Mindsets to Effect Change. Anthony Muhammad
Egalitarian Practices, mindsets, strategies, and diagnostic surveys, rubrics, and indicators that will help us break the cycle of underachievement and low expectations. 

Current Concerns CA is Addressing

Californian's Together
Report presents the results of data from 40 school districts and over 175,00 secondary English learners highlighting the urgent need to address the language and academic needs of Long Term English Learners (LTELs).

CA Forward

Orange County Register

UCLA Blueprint

UCLA Civil Rights Project

This report urges education policymakers and leaders to closely examine the findings of this report that highlight the needs and opportunities under the new Local Control Funding Formula to address the profound inequalities that exist in California schools, so that all children have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education no matter the color of their skin nor where they live.

Education Week

Past and Present Realities to Be Aware

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

NPR, Southern CA Radio

Museum of Tolerance


Roberto Alvarez vs. the Board of Trustees of the Lemon Grove School District, in San Diego CA was the first successful school desegregation court decision in the history of the United States.

The Supreme Court rules that schools can take race into account in admissions, but cannot use quotas

Berkeley Bancroft Library

The Education Trust-West

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