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  • Beyond Governance, Nov. 2014
    School board members have an important role in representing the district to the community outside the boardroom.
    Community relations committee; Beyond the school community; External relations

Governance Articles and Research
  • Evaluating Governance on California
    This study presents a comprehensive picture of educational governance in California and describes how that structure affects decision making. The questions it explores include:
    • What analytic framework can help policymakers to better understand California’s complex education governance system? 
    • Are there specific indicators of effectiveness that can be used to evaluate the governance system?
    • What do stakeholders report about the effectiveness of California’s system?
    • How can California’s educational governance system be improved?

  • Sharpening a District’s Leadership Model: Choosing the right governance model will lead to higher student achievement.
    To create an integrated board self-assessment and superintendent evaluation process, you must develop a school leadership model by adopting a coherent governance model. At the same time, you must also develop goals at the appropriate level that ensure quality governance of a school system. This article explores various governance models, develops a system-wide approach to improving governance, and defines the various goal levels, all while encouraging the development of an atmosphere aimed at improving student learning and becoming more accountable to the public.

  • Remaking Governance: The Creator of Policy Governance' Challenges School boards to Change, American School Board Journal
    Seven characteristics of policy governance:
    1. Primacy of the owner-representative role
    2. One voice from plural trustees
    3. The superintendent as a real chief executive officer
    4. Authoritative prescription of "ends"
    5. Bounded freedom for "means"
    6. Board decisions crafted by descending size
    7. System-focused superintendent evaluation

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