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SP. 4 Pupil Achievement (Pupil Outcomes)  
State Priority 4 - Pupil Achievement: performance on standardized tests, score on Academic Performance Index, share of pupils that are college and career ready, share of English learners that become English proficient, English learner reclassification rate, share of pupils that pass Advanced Placement exams with 3 or higher, share of pupils determined prepared for college by the Early Assessment Program as relates to:   LCAP Ed Code
LCFF CA Code of Regulations
State Priority Related Resources

Increasing student achievement on statewide assessments (
Education Code section 60640)
  -  Assessment
  -  Curriculum
  -  Equity
  -  Instruction

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 " Improving student achievement and outcomes along multiple measures of
21st century competencies (interpersonal, intrapersonal, and cognitive) in
both academic, career and technical education."
  Academic Performance Index (Education Code section 52052)

Increasing the percentage of pupils who have successfully completed A-G courses or CTE course sequence (Education Code section 52302subdivision (a) of Section 52372.5, or paragraph (2) of Subdivision (e) of Section 54692)

Increasing the percentage of EL that make progress towards English Proficiency (AMAO 1) (Education Code section 52060)

Increasing English learner reclassification rate (Education Code section 52060)

Increasing the percentage of pupils who have passed an AP exam with a score of 3 or higher (Education Code section 52060)

Increasing the percentage of pupils who participate in, and demonstrate college readiness on the EAP (Education Code section 99300)

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