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Orange County & CA CCR Data, Indicators, Statistics
Academic/Higher Education

CALPADS - Ed Data Education Data Partnership
California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) is the statewide system that stores individual-level longitudinal data on students and district/school certificated staff in California’s public schools

To support California’s new Accountability and Continuous Improvement System, which will also align with changes due to the newly enacted Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Local Control Funding Formula Reports: District
Provides access to search for the latest available LCFF funding and accountability data for individual schools, school districts, and county offices of education

CA Dept Education: DataQuest
School performance, english learners, test scores, post secondary, staffing, student interventions, drop out rates...

OMS: Accountability Progress Reports, County & District
District and Site Administrators in monitoring their progress toward Federal and California state level goals, student achievement gaps, and provide the information and resources necessary to focus on student achievement

DataQuest: CDE Educational Demographics Unit 
Orange County High School Graduates' College Enrollment Ethnicity and Race, Student Subgroups

CSU: CA High School and CA Community College Academic Performance Reports (includes 2015-16 data)
Select year, County, School. Provides campus destinations, Ethnic Distribution, GPA, exam results, Math proficiency, English Proficiency, Continuation rates

Ethnic group, fall term, campus, admissions

Graduation rates by campus, ethnicity and gender

Number of Transfers by campus, ethnicity, gender

Attainment, Enrollment, Public Schools System Finances, School Districts, Teaching about Statistics, Ed Services
Career Readiness and Workforce 

A system of data: Early childhood Education, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Community College, University, Labor Market

Examines the growth of industry and employment, salary and wage trends, demographic changes and the educational attainment of Orange County students

Includes Orange County Sector Reports, at bottom of page
Occupational Employment & Career Technical Education

CA Doing What Matters: California, 2015
Occupational Employment & Career Technical Education 

Industry Clusters, Top Occupations, employment Demand
    Top 10 occupations, job, business, education demand  

Sustain growth in education, local infrastructure, businesses, especially in communities that the CEDS Committee has determined to be distressed, or vulnerable to future distress
-  OC Business Council: Economic Indicators Dashboard
    Population, employment and business trends, housing,             infrastructure, social services and healthcare

US Census Bureau
  -  Visual Data STEM Graduates to work
      All Majors, Gender, Ethnicity

Comprehensive Snapshot

Database of 137 demographic items for Orange County
Includes supplemental reports and resources

Examining interrelated and interdependent lenses of health, the economy, education, and public safety

OC profile, opportunity gap, education, economy, housing, income, health, safety, infrastructure

The Nation, Southern California and Orange County
Changes in Orange County labor force, Gaps, Brighter Employment Outlook, disappearing "prime-aged" worker

Employment status, commuting to work, occupation, industry, class of worker, income & benefits, health insurance coverage, % families below poverty level

US Census Bureau
  -  Community Facts, Orange County (resource indicated)
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