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Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) 
Welcome to the Orange County Department of Education's LCAP Resources. Click on pictures to explore resources aligned to CA LCFF state priorities:                

SP1: Basic Services (Conditions of Learning)

SP2: Implementation of State Standards (Conditions of Learning)

SP3: Parental Involvement (Engagement)

SP4. Pupil Achievement (Pupil Outcomes)

SP5: Pupil Engagement

SP6: School Climate (Engagement)

SP7: Course Access (Conditions of Learning)
SP8: Other Pupil Outcomes

As part of California’s new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools are required to develop, adopt, and annually update a three-year Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) beginning on July 1, 2014. Districts will engage parents, staff, and community members to gather input to develop LCAPs that address the needs of all students. County superintendents are required to review school district LCAPs and ensure alignment of projected spending, services, and goals. 

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Advocacy, CTE OCDE Presentation: LCAP and CTE in Orange County 2016, January How career technical education (CTE) addresses each of the state priorities.  
Approval Manual CSESA: County Superintendents Educational Services Association CCSESA LCAP Approval Manual 2015-16 – Updated August 2015 2015, Aug LCAP Approval Manual 
CA Code of Regulations WestlawNext: California Office of Administrative Law CA Code of Regulations, Title 5: Education 2016 Search  
CA Laws and Code CDE: CA Department of Education California Laws & Codes 2016 Official Web sites for California laws, Education Code, and California Code of Regulations. 
Collaboration EdSource The Local Control Funding Formula An Essential EdSource Guide: 10 Questions 2015, Oct Local Control Funding Formula, designed to send additional money to districts where “the need and the challenge is greatest.” For the first time, the law requires that parents, students, teachers and other community members be involved in the process of deciding how new funds are spent. This EdSource guide provides an explanation of the essential elements of the new system. 
Data CDE, CA Department of Education CDE: LCFF Reports - Searchable 2016 Access reports available for a school, district, or county office of education. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Reports page provides access to search for the latest available LCFF funding and accountability data for individual schools, school districts, and county offices of education. 
Data CDE: California Department of Education Unduplicated Pupils and California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System 2016 FAQ 
Data CDE - California Department of Education 2016–17 Data Collection CHANGES for CALIFORNIA’S NEW ACCOUNTABILITY AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM 2016, May 6 Major upcoming 2016–17 data collection changes that will be made to the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) to support California’s new Accountability and Continuous Improvement System, which will also align with changes due to the newly enacted Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 
Data Ed-Data is a partnership of the California Department of Education, EdSource and the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team/California School Information Services (FCMAT/CSIS) Ed-Data: school, district, state, county 2016 Use and Share Ed-Data Graphs, Comparisions 
Data OMS: Organization Management System K-12 OMS: LCAP Data  2016 Publicly available data for all districts in California. Select Orange County, then choose a district. The first report will include LCAP data. 
Ed Code Ca Legislative Information CA Dept. Education:Education Code  2016 Look up, Reference in LCAP 
Education Code CA Legislative Information Education Code Search 2016 Search CA Education Code, California Law, Bill Information 
Examplars Association of CA School Administrators Videos: LCAP, LCFF  2015 Administrators share their strategies for engaging... 
Fact Sheet, CTE CDE: CA Department of Education CTE Fact Sheet for School Leaders 2015, Aug  Career Technical Education (CTE) fact sheet for school leaders and Local Control Accountability Plans. 
FAQ CDE: CA Department of Education FAQ: LCFF and LCAP 2015 to present Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Local Control Funding Formula. 
FAQ CDE: California Department of Education LCFF Frequently Asked Questions 2016 Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Local Control Funding Formula. 
Graphic OCDE LCFF STATE PRIORITIES and RELATED DATA ELEMENTS 2016, Jan Google Doc: Graphic of organization of State Priorities and Related Data Elements 
LCAP Examples - Districts in Orange County  OCDE: Orange County Department of Education District LCAPs 2016 - 2014 Webpage fulfills the requirements set forth by Education Code Section 52065(b)(1)(2), which requires the following: Education Code Section 52065(b(1)(2) (b) A county superintendent of schools shall do all of the following: (1) Post on the Internet Web site of the county office of education any local control and accountability plan approved by the county board of education, and any updates or revisions to a local control and accountability plan approved by the county board of education. (2) Post all local control and accountability plans submitted by school districts, or links to those plans, on the Internet Web site of the county office of education. 
LCAP Examples - Statewide CA Dept. of Education (CDE)  2014-15-CA-SchoolDistrict-LCAPS-calcaplinks.xls  2014-2015 Can search by County and District to see LCAPs statewide 
LCAP Update and Review Process, 2014-15 OCDE: Orange County Department of Education LCAP Collaborative Training,  2014, Nov  Presentation: LCAP Training 2014-15  
LCAP Update and Review Process, 2015-16 OCDE: Orange County Department of Education LCAP Collaborative Training,  2015, Nov  Presentation: Updates and Emerging Themes, LCAP Review and Strategies, Tips, Tools, Resources. Nov. 2015,  
LCFF and LCAP, Overview CA Legislative Analysis Office An Overview of the Local Control Funding Formula 2013 Provides visuals and clear explanations 
LCFF, Resources CDE: California Dept of Education Local Control Funding Formula 2016 California's new school funding formula, enacted in 2013. Actual funding allocations, when available, will be available via the Principal Apportionment page. 
Planning Template OCDE Next-Steps-For-YR3-LCAP- PlannningTemplate 2016, Feb Determine Action Items aligned to State Priorities, stakeholder shared responsibilites 
Policy Analysis PACE: Policy Analysis for CA Education Two Years of California's Local Control Funding Formula: Time to Reaffirm the Grand Vision,  2015, Dec.  Challenges, work in progress, implementation 
Policy and Advocacy ASCD: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development ASCD: Establish a Multimetric Accountability System 2015 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: Current accountability systems have resulted in a narrowing of curriculum and a hyperfocus on test scores. A new multimetric accountability model is needed; the new system must... 
Policy and Advocacy ChildrenNow YouTube: Excellence in Education for Children 2015, June  Using LCAP to bring voices together for excellence of all CA Children  
Policy and Advocacy, Civic Education CDE: California Task Force On K-12 Civic Learning  Revitalizing K-12 Civic Learning in California: Blueprint for Action  2014, August  See appendix 2: How Civic Learning Benefits LCAP Priorities 
Policy and Advocacy- Early Childhood Education Children Now Leveraging the Local Control Funding Formula: Making the Case for Early Learning and Development in Your School District 2014, March  Leveraging LCAP for Early Childhood Educ.This document is primarily targeted for community and parent organizers, ELD advocates, local First 5 Commission leaders, and school and civic leaders who are interested in making a compelling case to increase services that benefit children aged 0-5 in their community.  
Policy Brief PACE: Policy Analysis for CA Education and SCOPE Supporting Continuous Improvement in California’s Education System 2015, Jan Key elements of the accountability system, At the same time, the state has adopted three complementary mechanisms to hold schools and districts accountable: 
Policy Brief PPIC: Public Policy Institute of California PPIC 2015: Implementing California’s School Funding Formula: Will High-Need Students Benefit? 2015, March Which Counties Need to Monitor Unevenly Distributed High-Need Students? (ORANGE COUNTY mentioned)How are LCFF funds distributed? How are high need students distributed across CA? Within District?  
Policy Brief - LCAP  EPIC: The Educational Policy Improvement Center  Defining a New North Star: Aligning Local Control Accountability Plans to College and Career Readiness 2015, July  EPIC recommends that college and career readiness serve as the “North Star” in California’s recently reformed accountability system. A district seeking to use its Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) to promote a college- and career-going culture should take the following steps... 
Policy Brief - LCAP EPIC: The Educational Policy Improvement Center From Accountability to Actionability: Making Sense of Multiple Measures in Local Control Accountability Plans (Policy Brief).  2015, Sept.  reviews promising practices from California districts as well as insights from research on multiple measures to provide recommendations that improve how California districts generate, present, and use data in their Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs).  
Policy Brief - LCAP  EPIC: The Educational Policy Improvement Center  More than One C: Educating Students to be Ready for Careers and College,  2016, Jan.  a policy brief that shows districts how to balance their relative emphases on career and college readiness, the third policy brief in a series for the California Educational Policy Fund 
Regulations CDE: California Department of Education CDE: LCAP Regulations 2016 Regulations, Readoption, Regular Rulemaking: Rulemaking documents relating to the proposed Local Control Funding Formula & Local Control and Accountability Plan Template.. 
Report  Michael Fullan and California Forward (CA Fwd) CA Collaborative for Educational Excellence as a Force For Positive Change,  2015, Jan.  , proposes a course of action for the recently created California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE). It seeks to build upon existing structures and the good work already in progress, and to capture the best ideas and advice from leaders in California with deep knowledge of the system and a proven record of success mobilizing whole system reform. After briefly presenting the larger context of changes in governance underway in California and the current move towards local control, it delineates some of the key actions CCEE, county offices and districts could champion to become forces for positive change in California’s education sector 
Report | Commentary Michael Fullan Motion Leadership supported by Stuart Foundation California's Golden Opportunity: LCAP's Theory of Action Problems and Corrections 2015, July Identifies three problems, three corrections, next steps 
Report | LCAP Status Note, Nov 2014 Michael Fullan Enterprises (MFE) and CaEdpartners CA Golden opportunity, A Status Note,  2014, Nov.   This is indeed a golden opportunity for system transformation that occurs once in a lifetime at best. Our work in education focuses on ‘Whole System Change’ according to four criteria.... 
Report | LCAP Sttus Note, January 2015 Michael Fullan Enterprises (MFE) and California Forward (CA Fwd) A Golden Opportunity: The CA Collaborative for Educational Excellence as a Force for Positive Change 2015, January It seeks to build upon existing structures and the good work already in progress, and to capture the best ideas and advice from leaders in California with deep knowledge of the system and a proven record of success mobilizing whole system reform 
Resource Wested LCFF State Priorities and Related Data Elements 2014, July Quick Reference, Single page bullet list 
Resources CDE: CA Department of Education Quality Schooling Framework 2015 The Quality Schooling Framework (QSF) is the California educator’s destination for timely tools and practices to guide effective planning, policy, expenditure, and instructional decisions at all schools and districts. 
Resources CDE: CA Department of Education State Priority Resources Related to Data Elements Resources aligned to Quality Schooling Framework 2015, April Links to tools, promising practices, and research posted on the Quality Schooling Framework (QSF) web site to assist LEAs in addressing the state priorities in their Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). 
School Board  CSBA Updating your district’s LCAP: Top 3 Reminders for Boards  March 2016 CSBA compiled a Top 3 List of important reminders for all boards.  
Task Force, Accountability Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation CA ACITF: Accountability and Continuous Improvement Task Force 2016-2015 The Advisory Task Force on Accountability and Continuous Improvement is a team of education leaders convened to advise the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson on his recommendations for a new California system of public education accountability and continuous improvement to the State Board of Education and the state legislature. 
Tips WestEd Goals and Progress Indicators 2014, March Tips for Goals and Progress Indicators, Developing a complete LCAP 
Web Application Created by ACSA | Powered by Progress Adviser LCAP California Website 2016 ACSA has assembled a team with over 60 years of proven leadership in directing schools and districts in the areas of strategic planning, systems thinking, and continuous improvement. By utilizing our experience, ACSA has created an instrument with one goal - to help districts focus on one strategic plan that closes the achievement gap while meeting the needs of all stakeholders. Simply put, is a solution created for educators, by educators. 
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