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Occupy Portland Face Book

Revealing people power in midst of a government held captive by tanks and banks, we stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and all those who occupy for a world free of corporate oppression and economic injustice.

Portland Occupier

The Portland Occupier is a Media organization in solidarity with Occupy Portland. It was inspired by the Media activities of Occupy Portland’s occupation of public space, and was created to fulfill similar goals in Media space. It is a Media organization run by consensus, for the purpose of enabling and representing those who willfully participate in the act of being the Media.

Opdx Livestream

Many selfless people volunteer countless time, energy, and other resources to bring you live video coverage of important events of our time. The live news coverage afforded means that viewers may see unedited, uncensored video depicting events or containing language some may find offensive. Their streamed material is their own property.

Occupy Portland radio

Operating out of KBOO in Portland, Oregon since the very beginning of the Portland Occupy movement... every 3rd and 5th Wednesday, 6pm, KBOO 90.7FM

Stories of Empire

Stories of Empire

Through the creation of his art, sculptor Jim Gion helps us explore the humanity expressed by those people living among us in extreme conditions. Shot in and around Portland Oregon, including "Occupy Portland" in Lownsdale Square

Sculpture and video documenting the effects of economic empire on people’s lives in Portland, Oregon.

Portrait sculpture by Jim Gion. Video by Jerry Carlton and Jim Lowry.