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CheckDisk is the new website.

Visit it now!  This site will be going away completely, soon...

NOTE:  CheckDisk is now integrated in D7, and future versions will become available only as part of D7; the final stand-alone version remains here for reference.  

Current Version:  1.5.4  (final)

What is CheckDisk?

CheckDisk is a wrapper program for chkdsk.exe, a console utility included in Windows.  CheckDisk provides a graphical front end for chkdsk.exe, making it easier to work with as well as adding a level of automation which I feel is quite necessary. 

A tool originally intended for use by a bench technician on a tech bench system, CheckDisk is versatile in its environment and can be used in many end-user situations.


Often chkdsk.exe runs, almost never does it fix all of the problems on one pass. Usually it takes at least two passes to satisfy itself, but this depends on how bad your file system has become; as a bench tech over the years I've seen up to 5 or more passes before chkdsk.exe finds no problems, even on a hard drive that consistently tests good with factory diagnostics.

How would you like coming back to a system after running chkdsk.exe and still having file system errors? It can get irritating for the 20 minutes to several hours it takes chkdsk.exe to run, to have to check in on it and restart chkdsk manually 3-5 times or more. CheckDisk will use chkdsk.exe to scan the partitions as many times as it takes until chkdsk.exe reports that no errors are found, so the only user interaction required is to start the process.

Ultimately, this is a technician's tool.  It's great for those of us running chkdsk.exe from a "Tech Bench" computer or bootable WinPE based CD, where you don't *need* to scan your OS partition. 

...but it can be quite useful for others.  Anyone with multiple partitions and hard drives will find it useful for maintenance on all of their non-OS partitions, and in the event their OS partition needs repair, you can use it to schedule autochk.exe to run on the next startup. 


  1. Easy to use GUI for chkdsk.exe
  2. All optional chkdsk parameters available
  3. Scan up to 5 partitions consecutively
  4. Schedule autochk.exe to run on next startup
  5. Scan partitions until they return NO errors, or
  6. Limit the number of rescans on the selected partitions
  7. Use /F only on subsequent scans
  8. Easy to understand chkdsk.exe logging, with save option
  9. Option to save logs automatically
  10. Optional shutdown system when finished.  (XP only)

system requirements:

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, the servers based on them, and WinPE 1 & 2

It might even work on NT4 and maybe even IBM’s OS/2 ;)

Visual Basic 6 SP6 files and components may be required on your system.  If there is an installer, use that.  In a stand-alone package intended for portable use, (e.g. flash drives, bootable WinPE based cds, etc.,) you may be missing some required files.  You can check the included help file for a list of dependencies.  

This software is licensed, however it is completely FREE for personal and commercial use under the terms of this license. A thank you email would be nice! You could even donate a few bucks via Paypal if you really wanted to.
  • ANY use of this application is FREE only if you acknowledge that this program is provided with no warranties or guarantees of any kind, and that you (not John N. Shaw, not  Foolish IT, LLC, not my web host, not your ISP, not your mother) and only you are held as the bearer of sole responsibility for any use or misuse of this software and any resulting damages in any form, monetary or otherwise. If you do not accept this policy but are still compelled to use the software, there is a small one-time licensing fee of 10 million dollars. 
  • There are no limitations, no trial versions, no included code for licensing/activation/etc., no ads, no nags, no 3rd party *ware of any sort included in this software or it's installer. This program is provided as-is, with no guarantees, no warranties, and no worries. 
  • Source code for this application remains the sole property of the author; this is at least until I can learn to code better and re-write it so that it isn’t not so embarrassing. I may open source it at some point after this. Don't count on it because I'm really lazy. 
  • Any use of this software requires that you accept the fact that I'm not responsible for anything you do with any software, including this app!

download check disk:

* By downloading any of the following software, you accept the license above. 

 Download from!  

CheckDisk installer package  -   For Windows installation. 

CheckDisk portable, application only  -  For use in a portable environment (i.e. Flash Drives, WinPE based boot cds, etc. etc.)  This may require certain VB6 redistributable files if not already on your machine, see the included Help file for details on which files are needed.