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Ok, here's the part where I beg.  See that guy up there?  That's my (then) 4 month old boy, little Foolish Jr., aka Wyatt.  We would like to keep feeding him the good stuff, even if a lot of it does end up on his face!  So if you find any of my FREE software useful, then please donate any amount via the secure PayPal button below.  No amount too small!  No amount too large ;)  Don't like my software or find it useful?  Well then send little Wyatt some anyway!  :D  Don't make me beg for a few bucks!  Don't want to share?  Then how about visiting a link or so on the left in the unobtrusive low profile ad block.  Thanks people! 

EDIT:  Now Wyatt is almost 4 years old.  He's doing great, but your donations still help out!  

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Outer Banks Hotline is a private, non-profit human services organization that provides crisis intervention, temporary shelter, information and referrals, advocacy and prevention education services to the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  An essential part of the Outer Banks community for nearly three decades, Hotline works daily with individuals, organizations and local agencies to promote a safe and compassionate community.

There are many programs that Hotline needs funding for, including operating a temporary housing shelter for victims of domestic violence and a 24 hour crisis line.    

No donation is too small.  If you want to give to a worthwhile charity, this is the one I recommend. 

Please visit to learn more about their services and mission, or for the native Spanish speaking community.  

If you would just make a donation to Hotline (and mention that I sent you in the donor comment field), that would be AWESOME.