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To-Do List

On this page, I will keep a list of things I've been meaning to do with or add to D7.  I cannot guarantee I will complete ANY of these items, but they remain here primarily to remind me of all those ideas I have and all those feature requests from other D7 users that I have not gotten to yet.  

Fixes or Alterations to existing functionality:
  • Fix occasional msgbox warning when switching to offline ops page.
  • Fix - paging file size not always detected.
  • orphan program files function:  pre-select all directiories with directory size=0, and no EXEs or DLLs in the folder or subfolders
  • DataGrab:  bring back selective backup options for specific folders inside the profiles
  • Check to ensure enable AHCI on Win7 is working properly.  

New Additions:
  • possibly add click functionality to IE warning label / search for installers and/or take to download site.  

Long Forgotten and/or Back Burner type stuff:
  • Add multiple 'default' profiles for maint/malware pages
  • Revise DataGrab estimated backup size calculations which are at times a bit off...
  • Add support for non-English versions of Windows.  (need more information)
  • Add option to create a defragged MFT area before FAT32 to NTFS conversion is initiated.
  • Add some type of automatic SMART status checking (to D7, dSupport, and Disk Health Monitor) and finish SMART status form that exists in D7 v4.8.4
  • Figure out how to remove D7 from the Vista/7 Tray Notification Settings cache.
  • Add file type exclusions to DataGrab backup process, e.g. exclude *.OST and such.