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Updates & Sync

Check for D7 Updates  -  This is where you update D7, and optionally, EVERYTHING else.  
  • D7 - This one is obvious!  Updates D7.EXE, *.SCR in the D7 directory, and everything in the D7\Modules directory.  
  • D7 (Pre-Release) - Like a BETA, this is usually a release used for testing purposes before final releases are uploaded.  Sometimes this is bleeding edge and packed with new features, but usually this release is pretty far behind the final release.  
  • Ketarin Profile - This is the D7_DefaultApps profile in the Ketarin window to the right.  Updates to this item are moderately important.  
  • Default Apps Config - This contains the default 3rd party apps configuration that D7 uses, such as CCleaner, TDSSKiller, etc. etc.  Updates to this item are extremely important!
  • Skin Pack - The skin pack of course contains various skins and the D7 Skin Picker executable to change them.  Updates to this item are not important.  
  • KillZA - An add-on not normally distributed with D7, KillZA has it's own page on this website for an explanation.  
  • Also Run Ketarin to Update the Profiles Below - This option of course will execute Ketarin silently and automatically to update all checked profiles in the window below it.  This option really makes the next option obsolete, which is....

Update 3rd Party Tools via Ketarin
  -  This option utilizes Ketarin to keep all of your 3rd party tools updated.  

D7_DefaultApps is the Ketarin profile which contains all 3rd party tools that D7 uses including the tools in the default apps profile configurations.  Since this Ketarin profile is somewhat frequently updated, you should never modify it to add your own apps.  Instead, create a new profile using the New Profile button.  When creating a new profile, it will appear in this list under D7_DefaultApps.  

Clicking the Start Ketarin button will start Ketarin with the checked profiles.  Check the Run Silent & Automatically option to run all updates to all checked profiles without any user interaction.  

Sync, Merge, and Dump
  • Master Configuration Set Location:
    • This can be a local path, UNC path, or web URL (pull only.)  
      • Note a web URL must begin with http:// or https:// and point to a download of a zip file containing your D7 configuration set.  
      • You can zip your D7 configuration set automatically by clicking the OPTIONS menu at the top, and choosing the ZIP option.  
    • Pull Config Option - This of course pulls the configuration from the selected location and installs it locally.  
    • Push Local Config Option - This pushes your local configuration to the selected location.  Note that this does not work with a web URL as D7 has no upload capabilities.  
    • The D7 configuration set referred to includes:
      • Your D7\Config directory containing all your D7.INI and other INI files within this folder, your custom logos applogo.bmp and applogo.ico, and all of your custom app profile configurations within the various subdirectories
      • Your D7\Scripts directory, should you utilize this for custom script storage.  
      • Your custom Ketarin profiles, normally stored in D7\3rd Party Tools\Ketarin
      • NOTE:  ONE setting is NOT synced, and that is the default TO email address in your Email/SMTP config within D7's configuration window.  Reason being:  You may have multiple techs all using D7 and utilizing their own email address in this field.  
  • MalwareScan Merge Defs Location:
    • This can be a local path or UNC path.  
    • This option merges your whitelists/blacklists (stored in D7\Modules\Defs) used by the Pre-MalwareScan and MalwareScan utilities on the Malware page to a centralized location.  This is useful to keep multiple flash drives in sync with each other so that each flash drive has the same MalwareScan definition files.  
  • Reports Dump Location:
    • This can be a local path or UNC path.  
    • Useful to move all of your locally stored reports from the D7\Reports folder on your various flash drives and dump them all to a centralized location for records storage.  
  • Sync, Merge, Dump, Save & Close
    • Obviously performs all actions that are configured with a location.  If you want to use this button but perhaps you do not want to do one of the items, Merge Defs for example, then simply ensure that the path is blank for the item you never want to do, and it simply won't be done.  
Performing any action (Sync, Merge, or Dump) will save the path you specify in this box within the local D7.INI file for future reference.