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Toggle On/Off Tweaks
  • Hidden Files - Turns on or off hidden files, hidden system files, and hidden file extensions.  Also when you toggle ON, it additionally removes the values which hide desktop icons and disable the right click context menu on the desktop.  
  • User Account Control - Disables or Enables (at the default level) UAC on Vista/7.
  • Taskbar Balloon Tips - Turns on/off Windows' ability to display balloon tips in the system tray.  
  • Low Disk Space Checks - Turns on/off Windows low disk space check and subsequent balloon popups from the system tray.  Especially useful for situations where a recovery partition naturally low on space has a drive letter, and Windows keeps nagging you about it's low space.  
  • IPv6 on/off (Vista/7) - Turns on/off IPv6 in Vista/7 for troubleshooting purposes or other potential issues.  
  • AHCI Service (Win7) - Toggles the AHCI service on/off in Windows 7

In-House Only
  • Win Update via WSUS - This option forces Windows Update to utilize a WSUS server if you have one.  You can configure the IP Address of your WSUS server in D7 > D7 Config > Custom Stuff.  
  • Rem Win Update Policy - Removes Windows Update group policy settings, undoing any malware modifications and also undoing the above, Get Windows Updates via WSUS.

  • Junction Wrapper - Opens a form which serves as a wrapper for Sysinternal's Junction.exe, and optionally moves files for you in the event you are using junction.exe to free up space on a partition by moving files to another partition.  
  • Create Win7 God Mode - Creates the "god mode" folder on the desktop.
  • Delete Win7 God Mode - Deletes the "god mode" folder from the desktop.
  • User AutoLogon Options - Opens a form to set and work with user automatic logon options.  
  • Enable NLA on XP SP3 - Enables Network Level Authentication on XP SP3, so it can successfully RDP into a Windows 7 workstation or 2008 server without issue.  
  • Disable Windows Defender - Disables the Windows Defender service.
  • Start Installer Service in Safe Mode - Starts the Windows installer service in safe mode, allowing you to install/uninstall most programs.  

OS Branding
  • Brand Operating System - Opens a form allowing you to Brand the OS with your pre-configured logo and customization.
  • Toggle OEM Logon Background - Enables a customized background for the logon/logoff screen in Windows 7.  Clicking this option will open up the proper directory for you to place this JPG image, as well as enable the setting in the registry to turn it on.  Running this a subsequent time with the feature enabled already, will disable the custom background.  
    • The custom background must be a JPG format
    • It must be named as backgrounddefault.jpg
    • And it must be smaller than 256kb.  

Crash Control
  • Nirsoft WhatIsHang - Launches a sweet app to show you details on currently hung apps in Windows.
  • Nirsoft BlueScreenView - Launches this app showing you blue screen information from the system.  This button is really a moot point, because if you see blue screens on the Info tab or Offline tab, you can click on them to launch this same app targeted at those respective minidumps.  
  • UPHClean Options - Opens a form where you can install AND CONFIGURE UPHClean.  Normally, configuration is accomplished via direct registry editing - no more!
  • Auto End Tasks on Shutdown - Configure Windows to automatically force applications to close during Windows shutdown sequence.  
  • Adjust Hung App Timeout - Configure Windows timeout to decide when an application is "hung" or unresponsive.  
  • Disable AutoReboot on BSOD & Enable Minidumps - Turn on automatic restarts when a system blue screen occurs, and enable minidump creation.  

Internet Explorer
  • Put IE Icon Back on Desktop - Put the IE icon (not a shortcut) back on the User (or All Users) desktop.  
  • Toggle All IE Script Debugging - Disable IE script debugging.