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QA / Testing

The QA / Testing page is useful for ensuring apps work, and you have the latest version of browser technologies.  

Auto Mode, like on any other page of D7, will run each of these items in order.  

Default Browser Tests - these will open up each page in your system default web browser to test that specific browser technology.  The exception being Qualys Browsercheck which will check your browser for outdated technologies and offer one-click update options where needed.  

Audio/Video Tests
  • Test WAV - Tests Windows .WAV files, utilizing the Windows startup sound on XP, but on Vista/7 some bug makes it just play the 'ding' sound.  Either way, you'll know WAV is working.  
  • Test MP3 - Tests MP3 playback in your default audio player.
  • Test Webcam - Opens up a software independent webcam test window, to show you if your webcam driver and hardware is working properly.  

File Tests - This merely opens the default app for that file, and ensures that it will open properly.  Note I use the latest format for Microsoft Office files.  If they don't open on an older version of Office (XP /2003) you can install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack or "FileFormatConverters.exe" from Microsoft.com to update these older versions of Office to work with the newer (2007-2010) file formats.