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Full Auto Mode

Full Auto Mode, available in D7 v7.8+, offers one-click automation to run your default settings on each page of D7 that already supports an Auto Mode.  The functions are as follows:

Registry Backup - Runs my new RegBackup tool to backup all system and user registry hives

Malware Removal, Windows Repair, Customize/Install, and QA/Testing Auto Modes are then run automatically after that (when selected) in that order.  


Full Auto Mode runs your CURRENT configurations for the Auto Modes you have selected, with one exception; if the PC reboots as part of any Auto Mode operation, it will run your saved DEFAULT Auto Mode apps, not your current ones after the PC restarts (because each time D7 starts up, it loads your default preferences.)  

Malware Removal Auto Mode may stall if an app on the Malware page reboots the machine, epecially Combofix.  If this happens simply click the Stop button on the Malware page beside Auto Mode, the button will change to Start, then click it again.  This should pick up where it left off in Malware and Full Auto Mode.

Some items are redundant in Full Auto Mode with the Malware Auto Mode, being that D7 has Registry Hive Backup as a pre-malware removal function, and also certain Windows repairs as post-malware removal functions.  If selected, these functions will run as part of Full Auto Mode regardless.  So if you selected Registry Backup under Full Auto Mode, but it is also selected as part of the Malware Auto Mode, it will run twice.  Same goes for post-removal Windows repairs, when selected in Malware Auto Mode they will run there, then again they will run when selected as part of Windows Repair Auto Mode.  There is no planned fix - it doesn't really hurt anything to run these items twice.  At most, I would rather consider removing these items from the Malware Auto Mode options in lieu of the new Full Auto Mode capabilities.