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The DataMigrate page provides similar functionality to DataGrab (for backup) and DataPut (for restoration) but instead it combines the two into one process, for direct data migration of an offline Windows partition (e.g. slaved hard drive) to a live Windows system (e.g. a fresh install.) Use it when you are able to directly migrate data to the new install, skipping a more lengthy backup and restore process.  DataMig can also be used to migrate data from a \Windows.old backup folder to a fresh install.  

Like DataPut, DataMig has the ability to automatically create non-existent user accounts and copy data to them, can migrate data to a user account of a different name, and works in upgrade scenarios like migrating an XP partition to a Vista/7 partition.

Functionality on this tab is configured and used exactly as DataGrab and DataPut functionality.  The exception is that you select the user profile directory to backup and restore to instead of selecting the drive then the user directory in a separate selection box.  This is most likely how functionality of DataGrab / DataPut will be converted to in the future.  

DataMigrate Demonstration