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Customize / Install

  • BrandOS - Applies custom operating system branding.  Branding must be pre-configured and saved prior to running in Auto Mode.  
  • Install Custom Shortcut - Installs a custom desktop shortcut to a web address of your choice (either a URL or LNK file) which you can configured in Config > Custom Stuff.
  • Install Custom DNS - Install custom DNS servers specified in the Pri/Sec boxes below.  Use the drop down list to select one of several pre-configured servers.  Use the Save Config link at the top of this page to save these servers for future usage and in Auto Mode.
  • Install Custom HOSTS - Install a custom HOSTS file of your choice (your custom HOSTS file must exist in the \3rd Party Tools dir.)
  • Install UPHClean (XP) - Installs the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service on Windows XP.  
  • Update Adobe Flash - Updates all Adobe flash plugins found for all browsers.
  • Apply Custom Windows Update Settings - Settings must be pre-configured and saved prior to running in Auto Mode

Custom Installers
  • This area is used for installing any other apps you wish either individually or as part of Auto Mode.  These apps can be configured in Config > Custom Apps > Custom/Install

Everything Else  -  These are other Foolish IT applications which you may or may not use.  Their install location can be setup within Config > My Apps.
  • Install/Update -  This downloads (if configured) and launches the installer for the app.  If the app is already installed, it triggers the installed version's internal update function.  
  • (Re)configure - This launches the configuration for the installed app.
  • Save Config - This saves the configuration from the installed application's directory to your current D7 directory; this config will then be installed after running the application's installer on subsequent runs of the Install function above.  
  • Set Password Prompt - (dSupport only)  This option triggers the prompt shown below.  It is for configuring dSupport to prompt the user to reset their Windows password the next time the user logs into the system.  This is a D7+dSupport feature designed to allow the client that opportunity should you have the need to remove their Windows password during the course of working on their PC.  

  • (Re)set Client Info -  (dSupport only)   This option sets the client information in the registry which is normally set during installation of dSupport.  This client information is used by dSupport's internal mail function (if enabled) to pre-fill out the client name and phone number so they don't have to, when emailing you.  
  • Apply WinDefend/MSSE Exclusions - (dSupport only)  This option forcefully applies exclusions for dSupport in Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials exclusion lists.  The exclusions are applied automatically during dSupport installation with v2.8.8 installers and above, however the option remains here for dSupport users who do not have that version or greater of the dSupport installer.