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D7 with WinPE

First, let me start by saying that only features on the OFFLINE OPS page are designed to work from WinPE or on slaved hard drives to another machine.  That being said...

Also, when running from certain builds of WinPE, you may be missing several key windows components required by VB6 in order to function properly.  Please read the Portable Usage Notes on the setup page for all the additional files you'll need, and a sample batch file to register them.  

Many people ask me about getting D7 on a WinPE based boot CD.  My answer is usually, "just boot any WinPE based disk with your flash drive plugged in."  But yes, there is an easy way to have D7 on the PE disk itself if you don't have a flash drive handy.  For one, you could edit the ISO and just drop D7 in there and save.  But here I'll guide you through how I setup my own PE disk from scratch.  
  1. Download Winbuilder!   http://reboot.pro/files/file/4-winbuilder/  it comes as a single EXE file.  You'll want to put Winbuilder.exe inside a folder preferably in the root of your C: drive (it should never be a subfolder of documents and settings, nor should it have a space in any directory names.  I put mine in C:\Win7SE
  2. Run Winbuilder.exe and look at the pic below for next steps.
  3. After some time, all downloads will finish and Winbuilder.exe will restart itself.  Follow the pic below for next steps

  4. When the source dir opens, open up the DirCopy_All directory.  Inside you should see nothing, now create a directory called Users.  Open that, create a directory called Public.  Open that, create a directory called Desktop.  You see where I'm going with this, right?  Open the Desktop directory, and paste in your entire D7 directory.  So it should look like the pic below.

  5. You can now close this explorer window and head back to Winbuilder, making any other modifications you want to the build.  Then follow the pic below for next steps.

  6. After some compile time, now you've got your own Win7 PE disk with D7!