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Setup of D7 with 3rd party applications is no longer required starting with v5.1 and up!  

These 3rd party applications are now downloaded automatically on an as-needed basis, however you may bulk download them all (or update existing downloads) at one time by using Ketarin (Click Updates & Sync > Update 3rd Party Tools)


D7 can be branded with your own company name and logos.  Instructions for this are provided in your registration email..


Using D7 for Operating System Branding requires a \Config\BrandOS subdirectory inside your D7 directory, containing:  
  1. Your properly sized oemlogo.bmp  
  2. Your preconfigured oeminfo.ini if you have one, else one will be created for you (used for XP/2003 only.  For Vista/7, you are prompted for the appropriate branding text the first time you use the feature, and that text is saved to the BrandOS.INI for future reference.)  


D7 is a fully portable application.  It stores most preferences in an INI file for portability; however some registry entries under HKLM\Software\Foolish IT are created for certain shell extension and offline registry hive loading functionality to work properly.  These settings are removed when D7 closes, but may remain if D7 is not shut down properly.  

D7 may be run from a flash drive, or other portable means by simply copying the application directory to your portable medium. 


D7 will not function properly when running from a CD, as the app must be able to write to it's own app directory. 


Note:  Proper use may require the VB6 SP6 Runtimes from Microsoft to be installed - most systems have these already, but some WinPE based environments may not have the proper files.  These files are msvbvm60.dll, OLEAUT32.DLL, OLEPRO32.DLL, ASYCFILT.DLL, STDOLE2.TLB, COMCAT.DLL.  Another package you may need is the Script 5.6 files from Microsoft, specifically scrrun.dll -- you can usually pluck all of these files from any Windows\System32 directory.  

Note also that these files may need to be registered (via regsvr32) in your WinPE environment.  A simple batch script is available for this is attached at the bottom of this web page (download, rename from .TXT to .CMD or .BAT, then place the batch file in your D7 directory and launch it before running D7.)


  • D7 is only designed to run from and on Windows XP - 8 and server OSes.  Previous functionality and support for Windows 9x was partially removed and will no longer be supported.  
  • A screen resolution of 800x600 is required, and 1024x768 is recommended.  640x480 is not supported and will not allow for the full D7 window to be displayed.  

If you experience any strange errors or crashes in D7, a good thing to try would be to install the VB6 SP6 Runtimes from Microsoft.  It that fixes your issue, then the system you are experiencing the issue on then likely has missing or outdated versions of those files.  

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