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Known Issues

Since upgrading to v7.x.x, Defraggler (or another app) not working as expected - or is MISSING entirely.

During v7.x.x a lot of 'native' D7 apps were switched to a new custom apps layout and a default configuration was put into place.  Some of the default configurations, like that of Defraggler, were initially incomplete.  As these oversights in the default configurations are found, these configurations are updated on my website, so the fix is to manually download them.  If this does not fix your issue, then please give me the details on my forums and I'll address this ASAP.  

You can update the configs in D7 > Updates & Sync > Check for D7 Updates and ensure that Default Apps Config is checked, then Update.

Since upgrading to v7.x.x, my custom Malware apps are showing up on the Maintenance page.

***Fixed in v7.3.27  -  Updating to this version will fix the issue.  The manual fix is accomplished by deleting the CONTENTS of the Config\CustomMaint\SortOrder.cfg file (don't delete the file, just open it in Notepad and delete everything inside the file, then save it.)  Next open D7's config, go to the Custom Apps page, and click the Maintenance radio button.  This will ask you to re-import your existing apps one by one.  Once completed, exit Config and you shouldn't have this issue ever again.  But if you do, let me know about it....


Sometimes D7 does crash, so what do you need to know about them that affects you?
  • On a crash, D7 doesn’t get the chance to remove it’s Shell Extensions.  
    • Fix:  Run D7 again from the same location, and shut it down properly.
    • For more info, see the known issue, Explorer Context Menu items remain after D7 is run
  • If D7 was operating on the registry at the time, D7 may have left registry hives loaded that shouldn’t be.
    • Fix:  Run D7 again from any location, and shut it down properly.  
    • Alternate Fix:  Fire up regedit and manually unload all hives under HKLM starting with “guest_”
* EARLY REPORTS INDICATE THIS BUG IS SQUASHED in v7.3.18 - D7 may sometimes crash in the process of updating itself when using Skins.  The crash occurs when the old copy of D7 is shutting down and unloading the skin DLL file (the last thing D7 does) which is what causes the error, it's a minor timing issue I've yet to track down.  Rest assured, nothing is affected at all as far as D7 is concerned, (the issues noted above are not an issue with this type of crash) and you will just get a crash report which is a minor annoyance.  

Explorer Context Menu items may remain after D7 is run.

As mentioned above in Crashes, D7 may leave behind the shell extensions when it does not shut down properly.  

To remove the shell extensions, in most cases all you need to do is relaunch D7 and close it down properly by clicking the Close button (not the Red X). 

If this doesn’t work, you can force a removal.  Simply relaunch D7, click on the D7 menu > D7 Config > Shell Extension Config. Ensure that the “Force Install/Removal” check is ticked, and click the “Remove ALL Extensions” button. This will remove all of your context menu items added by D7 immediately.

Anti-Virus Software Detection

D7 v3.4.4 fixed issues with false positives by a variety of antivirus vendors, however it seems by version 4, some vendors are at it again, likely using aggressive heuristics to the end of jacking up their detection rates by flagging otherwise legitimate apps.  

Currently at least AVG, Comodo, and ESET all flag parts of D7, however ESET has informed me they will resolve the problem with their next definition update.  AVG and Comodo (while the versions on virustotal.com detect filehandler.exe) assure me that their latest engine/definitions do not detect it.  

Symantec's SONAR heuristics also detect D7.exe as unknown malware, I have submitted D7 to them as a false positive, but they gave me the run-around, told me it *wasn't* detected in their tests (when I know very well it IS), and asked me to submit D7 as a sample "threat" instead of a false positive!  

Regardless, it's a good idea to disable anti-virus software before utilizing D7, in some cases.  Vendors and detection descriptions vary, and some components of D7, such as filehandler.exe (used by Shell Extensions) may be detected.  Never fear, filehandler.exe, or any other component of D7, is not a virus.  

Additionally, several of the 3rd Party Tools such as a few from www.nirsoft.net will be detected by a large variety of vendors' products.  They are not viruses either.  

If you are uncomfortable with this, then simply don't use D7!  

Non-English Windows Versions

When I started the D7 project, I never expected it to take off and have world wide usage, therefore some things I just didn't plan for.  

Some parts of D7 will not function properly on non-English versions of Windows.  This is because certain key directories may not be named as their English counterparts, for example the user profile directory "Documents and Settings" or "Users" (and others) may be named differently.  A fix is planned, but it will require a lot of code changes and research into the various other language spellings of these directories.  Although a simple fix would be to use environment variables, some local operations and all offline ops require the actual directory names.  

If you have a list of default Windows / Program Files / user profile directories for non-English languages, feel free to email me!  Thanks!

Download Aborted

***Possibly fixed in v7.4.89 (let me know if it isn't!)  Sometimes D7 cannot download updates to itself or automatically download missing 3rd party tools.  The cause of the issue is unknown, however it is directly related to the specific user account you are logged into.  Logging onto a different user account on the same PC, or trying it on another PC it will function properly.  

***If you are getting this error with a custom app configuration in D7 v6.7 on 64bit OSes with a 32bit app, you will need to fill out the 64bit download information with the 32bit download information to make it work.  This is a bug that was fixed in D7 v7.2.3

Minor Issues:
  • D7's internal event viewer may display event times in UTC and not your own time zone, on Vista/7
  • D7's antivirus software detection may pickup certain editions of Trend Micro's products as being two installed antivirus packages, not one.  
  • Malware Scan may occasionally display corrupted reg entries in the reg hive loaded as guest_Default.
  • Systems with non-standard font sizes will have display issues with some D7 labels, cutting off some text.  
  • Sometimes D7 detects errors in the event logs, but doesn't show them in the internal event viewer or it detects phantom errors...
  • In MalwareScan, Some files (fewer than before! w/v3.2) aren't properly resolved from their registry value data to their actual locations, for functions such as File Properties, Delete, etc.  This can occur for example with a registry value containing rundll in front of the actual file you are after.  
  • The broken shortcuts detection is prone to report false positives, such as disconnected mapped drives, network shortcuts, and occasionally a local file shortcut possibly with an odd parameter in the shortcut target path.  
  • Occasionally offline registry hives (if used) are not unloaded on D7 close, you will receive a warning with an option to unload the hive if this is the case.
  • In some rare circumstances, the D7 System Tray icon doesn't disappear when closing D7.