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Reg / Branding

Registered Company Name:
  • You must input your registered company name EXACTLY as it appears in the registration confirmation email you would receive from me.  The name is bound to the product key and cannot be changed without also changing the product key.  
  • This name will always be displayed first thing in the title bar of a registered copy of D7.
Registration Key:  
  • You must copy/paste in the registration key EXACTLY as it appears in the registration confirmation email you would receive from me.  
  • YES, the SPACES in the product key do matter!  
Application Title:
  • Optional, fill in this blank to replace the "D7" name in the title bar of D7 with an application name of your choosing.  

NOTE on Registering:  

When you first supply your registration information and click the SAVE and PREVIEW button, you should note the registration advertisement below the Application Title section will change and state "Thank you for registering D7" - if you do not get this message then you have made entered in either an incorrect Registration name or product key.  

Other options to further customize D7's branding and appearance:
  • Display D7 Version - Displays the D7 version number in the title bar.  
  • Display D7 Path in Title Bar - Displays the current execution path of D7 in the title bar.
  • Use Custom Icon... - Replaces the D7 icon in the top left slot of various forms and the system tray icon.  
    • If a replacement icon doesn't exist, a default image will be used.
    • Your replacement icon must be named applogo.ico and must reside in the D7\Config directory.  
    • The applogo.ico file must also be no greater than 8-bit color depth (256 colors) or it will not display.  
  • Replace D7 logo with your custom BMP - Replaces the large D7 logo in the top left corner with your custom logo.
    • Your custom logo must be named applogo.bmp and located in the D7\Config directory.
    • Logo will look best at around 50x50 pixels.
  • Stretch/Shrink logo to fit - Apply stretch/shrink properties to your applogo.bmp so that it fits on screen.  
  • Hide Menu Icons in favor of a Rectangular Logo - Hides the menu icons in the top left banner of D7's display, and shifts all of the other information in the banner to the right, so that you can use a rectangular logo as your applogo.bmp.
  • Display D7 Ticker Message When Idle - Displays various messages of my choosing in D7's status bar when D7 is idle and updates are not available (an update message overrides this setting and other messages.