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Custom Stuff

SCREEN LOCK (Registered Feature):

A feature to quickly lock the PC from usage, available in the D7/Main menu or via the tray icon.  Useful for working on multiple PCs in public areas where you have to leave a PC unattended during the course of your work.  
  • URL or Local File to Display on Screen - A file or URL to display while the screen is locked.  A URL must start with http.  A file can be HTML, MHTML, JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format and must reside in the D7 directory.  
  • Unlock Password - Used to unlock the screen.
  • Make Screen Lock the Default Systray Double-Click Action - does what it says.  

  • Default WSUS Server IP Address - This option configures the IP address of your WSUS server, if you have one.  This information is used when using the Windows Updates via WSUS options in the Internet menu and on the Tweaks tab.  D7 expects the default IPv4 notation here.
  • Path to WSUS Offline Update Client - Used for the WSUS Offline option in the Internet menu.  
    • Input a static network path to your server where you store your WSUS Offline files; you may use the variable %root% - The current drive D7 is running from  e.g. E:
    • otherwise if the path is not entered or does not exist (e.g. you are mobile / onsite) D7 will look for WSUS Offline in the D7 directory \3rd Party Tools\WSUSOffline\updateinstaller.exe  

  • D7 Auto (Maintenance) System Restore Point Name - When D7 creates a system restore point as part of D7 Auto, this is the name given to the restore point.  

  • Custom Network Path to Open - This option is for the last entry in the Folders menu, and is designed to be a quick shortcut to open a network path in Explorer.  D7 expects a \\UNC path here.  
  • DataGrab Default Backup Location - This option sets the default backup location field in DataGrab


This option sets the internet time server to synchronize the PC time with.  Default is nist.time.gov


These options are applied to Unstoppable Copier when used in DataGrab and DataMigrate.