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Custom Functions

App EXEs/Scripts you configure here will execute after the function you configure it under.  

Accepted file types:  EXE, COM, BAT, CMD, VBS, REG

All apps/scripts executed will:  
  • run with admin privileges (unless running under the system account, then naturally they will execute with system privileges.)
  • "wait for termination" meaning the D7 will wait for the app/script to finish before proceeding, except during Startup or Shutdown.
Apps/Scripts defined here are expected to be in your D7 directory, HOWEVER you may use custom variables to launch apps already on the system.  

Variables for Custom Functions Config
  • %appdata% %localappdata% %programdata%
  • %userprofile% %allusersprofile%
  • %windir% %systemroot% 
  • %systemdrive% %homedrive%
  • %programfiles% %programfiles(x86)%  (always use %programfiles(x86)% for non-64bit apps as it will automatically resolve to just %programfiles% on 32 bit systems.)
  • %commonprogramfiles% %commonprogramfiles(x86)% (always use the (x86) variable for non-64bit apps, resolves same as above.)
Batch Files

If you need more than one app/script to run, or you need to differentiate the actions you are performing depending on the OS, please use a batch file.  If you need batch file examples I can provide them upon request.  This example demonstrates how to detect which OS is currently running and how to apply different actions for different OSes.