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Over the years, Hotline’s services have expanded to meet the evolving needs of our community. Today, our dedicated and capable staff and volunteers provide a 24-hour crisis phone line, shelter and services to victims of domestic abuse and emergency response to sexual assault survivors. We emphasize prevention education and response to community needs. Hotline joins with other local agencies to enhance services to Outer Banks residents and visitors. We work with the Dare County schools to offer life skills instruction; we assist the Department of Social Services by providing supplemental emergency funds; and we provide training to local law enforcement to improve techniques for investigating domestic violence, sex crimes, stalking and child molestation. 

Hotline depends upon governmental grants and personal contributions as well as its own fundraising projects, including five thrift stores, Festival of Trees and other special events, and the Endless Possibilities weaving project. All funds raised from these contributions, grants and projects are funneled back into the community through Hotline’s programs. 

Supporting Hotline is an opportunity for each of us to participate in the caring and resourceful community in which we have chosen to live, visit, or invest…and then grown to love. Here are a few of the many ways you can help support Hotline: 

• Send a cash donation now. All donations are tax deductible. All donations, large and small, are used to fund an essential aspect of Hotline’s services, and each donation represents the trust and support of our community.

• Make a pledge to fund Hotline’s services over a period of time. Such a pledge will enable Hotline to plan ahead for its programs and services. 

• Honor the memory of a loved one or friend with a memorial donation. 

• Include Hotline in your estate planning. You can work through the Outer Banks Community Foundation or simply include your gift as part of your will. 

• Participate in our Festival of Trees. We ask for donations of decorated Christmas trees and holiday items to be sold at auction. This well-attended event heralds the arrival of the holiday season for many Outer Banks residents. Please join us. For more information, call 473-5121.

To help support Hotline and the valuable programs and services it provides to our community, simply click the link below to access a donation form that can be printed on your home or office printer. 

Hotline Contribution Form (PDF)

or make a fast, secure donation via Paypal below:


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Outer Banks Hotline, Inc. is a unique, private, non-profit human services organization, tax exempt under the IRS code. We are dedicated to providing information and referrals, crisis intervention, temporary shelter, advocacy and prevention education services to residents of and visitors to the Northern Outer Banks..... 
Did You Know? 

Roughly 92% of Hotline's budget is spent on Program Services.

$20 will pay for toilet paper and paper towels for a week in the shelter? 

$20 ticket will purchase essential school supplies for children living in the shelter? 

$20 ticket will help pay for a holiday party for children living in the shelter? 

That Hotline pays for all client visits to private therapists, which also includes group therapy for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence? 

That the annual estimated total cost of operation for running the shelter for battered women is $101,900! 

That food and supplies related to the shelter costs upwards of $8,500… 

That Hotline pays $25 to transport a victim fleeing an abusive relationship from KDH? 

That $500 will change the locks, make new keys and place motion detector lights on the homes of 7 battered women? 

That $1,000 will supply the shelter with ice packs, bandages and over the counter medicines for the women and children living in the shelter? 

That it costs $3,024 to keep our 24-hour, 7 days a week crisis line operating?