Domestic Violence Shelter

Hotline’s shelter for domestic violence victims provides a positive home environment where women and their children can rest and recover. It is a safe haven where new possibilities can be explored, healthy new habits started, and hope for a better life can take root. 

Hotline’s shelter also offers assistance with support groups, parenting, nutritional meal planning, legal advocacy, education on the effects of domestic violence on women and their children, and development of a comprehensive plan assist those starting a new, violence-free life. 

The shelter is comfortably furnished and nicely decorated with five private bedrooms, a shared laundry facility, and a secure play yard. There are extra cribs and high chairs, a toy room, and a supply of books, games and movies to entertain all ages.

Food, over-the-counter medications, and cleaning supplies are provided and residents share cooking and household chores. Birthday parties and holiday celebrations are always planned and quite often strangers become friends. 

Shelter Facts 
The average stay ranges from 3 days to 3 months and is individually contracted through case planning with staff. 

Residents are required to abide by curfews and to sign in and out for safety purposes. 

Pets are referred to the SPCA for “protective custody”. 

There are no fees for residency. 

The shelter is handicap accessible. 

Hotline’s shelter living space offers… 
• a home setting
• a staff office 
• a main living room 
• a large kitchen 
• a laundry room 
• a fully supplied food pantry 
• a smoke-free building 
• an outside smoking area 
• a play yard 
• one handicapped room 
• four bedrooms with nightstand, three beds, shelves and desk 
• two cribs, highchairs, playpen, baby swing, etc. 
• a playroom 
• a cleaning supply closet 
• an extra supply closet