F. Zeb Page - Associate Professor of Geology

I am a metamorphic petrologist and geochemist with particular interests in undergraduate teaching and research making use of in situ geochemical techniques on high-pressure metamorphic rocks. My research makes use of electron- and ion-beam instruments to measure the chemistry of minerals within the textural context of their host rock whenever possible. I am interested in using the high-pressure metamorphic rock eclogite as a probe to reconstruct the pressure, temperature, time, and fluid histories of subduction zones. I do this by studying the composition, oxygen isotope ratios and uranium and lead isotopes of garnet, zircon and other minerals. I also work on the diffusion of oxygen through zircon, the use of trace elements in minerals as thermometers, and other things.

Please have a look at my teaching and research pages (links at left) and feel free to send comments and questions to me, I’d love to hear from you. 

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Carnegie Room 404

52 W. Lorain St.

Oberlin, OH 44074

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3/5 of the Sandler-Page Field Team checking out the rocks in Syros