Queer Courses

The courses listed below show curricular commitment, whether it be the whole course or one day, to issues surrounding the LGBTQ community and nurture discussions and projects on queer topics.  They come from many different disciplines, showing the enormous amount of diversity within the queer community and the approaches in studying it.

Fall 2012 Courses

AAST 240/CAST 240 How to Win a Beauty Pageant
CAST 100    Introduction to Comparative American Studies
CLAS 219    Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome
FYSP 082    Sex, Gender, and Power
FYSP 146    HIV/AIDS in America
GSFS 305    Feminist Research Methodologies
HIST 265     American Sexualities
POLT 206    The Politics of Sexual Minority Communities
RELG 374    The Authority of Hadith: Criticism and Commentary
SOCI 203    Desire to be Modern: Sociology of Sexuality
SOCI 275    Enacting the Law

Spring 2013 Courses

CAST 100     Intro to Comparative American Studies
CAST 201     Latinas/os in Comparative Perspective
CAST 235     Debating Citizenship: Identity & Belonging in US Cultures
CAST 321    Transnational Sexualities
DANC 270/THEA271 Queer Acts
EAST 206     Topics in Chinese Literature: Sex and the Country
HISP 410      Tango: The Politics and Poetics of a National Icon
GSFS 205      Queer Beginnings
POLT 271      Gender, Sexuality and the Law
SOCI 314      Unequal Educations