Viplav Saini

Associate Professor of Economics

Oberlin College, 10 N Professor St, Oberlin OH 44074


Published Papers

"Reserve Prices in a Dynamic Auction when Bidders are Capacity-Constrained" Economics Letters, Vol. 108, Issue 3, September 2010
"Endogenous Asymmetry in a Dynamic Procurement Auction" RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 43, No. 4, Winter 2012. <online appendix>

"Government Spending and Job Creation at Highway Construction Firms: Evidence from Texas," Economics Bulletin, Vol. 35, No.1, March 2015, with Dakshina De Silva (Lancaster University)

"Capacity Constraints and Information Revelation in Procurement AuctionsEconomic Inquiry, Vol. 53, No. 2, April 2015. with Jordan Suter (Colorado State) <online appendix>
"Returns on Indian Art during 2000-2013" Eastern Economic Journal, 2015, with Jenny Rae Hawkins (Case Western). [ACEI Working Paper # AWP 3-2014]

Working Papers

"Entry, Exit, and Investment in Auction Markets" [revision requested by RAND Journal of Economics, e-mail me for a copy]

In Progress

"Effects of e-bidding in Procurement Auctions in Nepal" with Matias Herrera (World Bank)
"The Value of Reputation in Online Markets: Evidence from" with Maia Linask (University of Richmond)
"Procurement Auction Prices and the Stimulus: the case of Ohio" with Eric Hardy (Columbia University)
"Tacit Collusion in Endogenously Asymmetric Auctions"

Other Publications
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