A consolidated listing of economics seminars at educational and public policy institutions in north-eastern Ohio

Currently participating institutions:
CWR-Case Western Reserve University (orange) Contact: Justin Gallagher
CSU-Cleveland State University (red) Contact: Phuong Ngo
FRBC-Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (purple) Contact:
Mehmet Pasaogullari
KSU-Kent State University
(blue) Contact: Emmanuel Dechenaux
OC-Oberlin College
(mustard) Contact: Terri Pleska
UA-University of Akron
(green) Contact: Zheng Fang

Click on a listing for more information (incl. abstract, and directions to venue).
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If you would like economics seminars at your institutions to be listed in this calendar please e-mail Emmanuel Dechenaux at edechena@kent.edu or Viplav Saini at viplav.saini@oberlin.edu so that your calendar can be added to this page. To add an event to your personal calendar, click on an event and click 'Copy to My Calendar.' The link at the bottom right of the screen will allow you to add an entire calendar to your personal calendar. Click on Week and Month views to view the schedule in alternative formats.

Instructions for calendar managers.
Please enter your seminar in the following format.
  1. Click on CREATE event
  2. In TITLE field, enter seminar in the format: SchoolAbbreviation-SpeakerName(SpeakerInstitution)-TalkTitle, for example KSU-GregMankiw(Harvard)-TaxesAndMoney, or OC-AvinashDixit(Princeton)-TBA.
  3. In the WHERE field, enter Room and Street Address of the location. ALSO add a phone number for the seminar organizer or department office.
  4. In the DESCRIPTION field, paste the paper abstract if available.
  5. In the ATTACHMENT field, upload a paper if publicly available.