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If you're a student at Oberlin, this program is for you! The purpose of this program is to give you tools and tips for living more sustainably, and to recognize you for doing so.

If Oberlin wants to become carbon neutral and continue to be a leader of sustainability, we cannot just make buildings more energy efficient - we must actually live more sustainably. Program certification is designed on a spectrum to include all of us - whether you simply want to be more conscious of your impact or you want to challenge yourself to be a sustainability superhero.

To certify you must pledge to follow at least 25 of the 45 sustainable living criteria. Criteria are divided into categories like: Energy, Recycling, Transportation, and Computing. The more criteria you select to follow, the more sustainable your lifestyle and thus, the higher your ranking.

25-29: BRONZE
30-34: SILVER
35-39: GOLD*
40-45: PLATINUM*

*In order to certify in the Gold and Platinum categories, there are some criteria that you must follow.

After you submit your certification, the Environmental Sustainability Fellow will review your submission. Shortly thereafter, you will be sent a certificate to hang on the door of your room! This visual reminder of your commitment will hopefully spark conversations with other students on your floor about what they are doing to live more sustainably. You may even be contacted to be featured on OES websites!

  • You need to re-certify each academic year, or if you move within an academic year.

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