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The Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES) created the Green Room Program in the Fall 2012. The goal of this program is to enable students to live more sustainably in their rooms and lives by giving them the tools for green living. Certification criteria serve as guidelines for living sustainably. The program aims to connect students to one another, to campus at large, the community, and the earth.

Whether you are already interested in sustainability, want to help Oberlin reach carbon neutrality by 2025, want to learn how to save money on utilities for the college or in your own home - whatever your reasons - this program is for you! 

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Did you know?

Industrial meat production, esp.beef, accounts for 18% of the world’s carbon emissions.

It’s safer to drink tap water than bottled waterThe EPA has a higher standard for tap water than the FDA has for bottled water.

There is no limit to the number of times an aluminum can can be recycled.