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Link to 2014 Force Freedom Website:

Welcome to the website for Oberlin College's 2013 Force Freedom tournament hosted by the Flying Horsecows and the Preying Manti!

Force Freedom is an annual fall DIII tournament that typically takes place in either October or early November. This year the tournament will be held on the weekend of November 2nd-3rd on the wonderful Oberlin North Athletic Fields in Oberlin, OH. 

Every year we host some of the best teams from the Ohio area (Kenyon, Denison, ONU), and a couple of good teams that make the journey from out of state, but are still in our region. This year we are trying to do something different. 
Our sport is starting to get bigger and better. With premier tournaments like DIII Warm-up and DIII Nationals getting larger coverage, we are starting to break out into the scene. But as of now there is no large multi-regional tournament of the same caliber in the fall. This is the hole that we are trying to fill. We want to bring in the best teams from all over the country, we want to play this game with people who love it just as much as we do, and we want to use this tournament as an opportunity to kick off what is sure to be the biggest, and best, season of DIII ultimate yet. We want you.

About us:

Flying Horsecows:
The Flying Horsecows are a team whose results have been rather unpredictable these past couple years. After making it to nationals in 2010 on a last minute bid, we either barely made to regionals or performed poorly at regionals the next two years. However, the 2013 season brought a large turnaround. The 2013 freshman class was very strong, and the returning players really matured and stepped up over the course of the year. We were able to beat some very good teams (Kenyon at their home tournament, St. Olaf at College Southerns, and trading wins with Dension over the course of the season). We were also able to put up some good results on the year, as we broke seed at Southerns, and came in second place in Freaknik while only dropping two games, both of which were to the winner, Aubern. 

This year we came in fourth at sectionals, getting passed by Denison, Xavier, and Kenyon. At regionals we came in fifth as all the consolations game were rained out, but we gave Lehigh Ultimate their closest game of the event, losing 14-12 against the team that went 5-0 and got the bid to nationals.
We are really looking forward to this upcoming season, and we will be glad to see you on the fields.

Preying Manti:
The Preying Manti, on the other hand, are another force entirely, and one that you do not want to mess with. They have a history of putting up good results, and this year was no exception. A combination of raw talent spanning all four years, a fierce work ethic, and a no holds barred attitude put the Manti in a very good position this past season. This year they swept both their section and their region, not dropping a single game. At sectionals no team scored more than 4 points on them, and at regionals no team scored more than 8. Their closest game was an 10-8 win against the very good Swarthmore team, and their point differential over the two tournaments was +123. They did not perform nearly as well at nationals, coming out of the event 1-4.

Last year the Manti had enough players to field both an A and a B team. While the B team did not have as successful a year, their improvements as a team and as individuals were dramatic. With such a large pool of players to draw from, the Manti are looking to improve upon last years success. And while they are certainly a frightening force on the fields, they are definitively the best group of ladies that I have had the pleasure of meeting.