Board Members
Student board members (Fall 2014) in front of one of the Green EDGE Fund sponsored solar PV panels on the roof of Kahn Hall. From left to right: Julia Murphy, Hillary Pan, Alex Katz, Yuran Pan, Elaine Hinrichs, and Delia Scoville

Julia Murphy, Class of '17: I am an Economics and Environmental Studies double major with a minor in Religion. I feel that economics and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand. To me the Green EDGE Fund represents this duality, which inspired my desire to be a board member and inspires me as I work with Green EDGE. Although I appreciate people’s efforts to make life-changes to support the environment I feel that our generation must fight for substantial infrastructural and societal change for our society to be environmentally sustainable. I enjoy traveling and music. This semester at Oberlin I am part of a new organization looking to create pluralism in economics, I am also teaching the Alternative Schools of Economic Thought ExCo. Otherwise, I am on the Economics Majors Committee. I am very excited about working with the EDGE Fund this semester and for the years to come.

Hillary Pan, Class of '18: (Office of Environmental Sustainability Efficiency Liaison) I’m a Physics major from the San Francisco Bay Area. Working with the Office of Environmental Sustainability in conjunction with the Green EDGE Fund has been such an exciting experience, and I look forward to working further on projects presented in both. I see the Green EDGE Fund as one of the best tools for the Oberlin community to make sustainability projects become a reality and I'm especially interested in seeing larger infrastructural projects that will promote efficiency at Oberlin brought to the table. In addition to my liaison position, I'm a research assistant in both the physics and environmental studies departments and an editor/writer/admin for The Synapse.

Leah Finegold, Class of '20(Carbon Management Fund Liaison) 

Erik Gonzales-Kramer, Class of '17: I'm an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Urban Sustainability with a minor in Creative Writing. Throughout my studies at Oberlin, I have come to understand more and more that sustainability is about balance, and that finding ways to pursue socially just, economically viable, and environmentally sound sustainable endeavors requires a holistic and creative approach. This process must be inclusive of all stakeholders, because monopolization of interests does not lead to a sustainable future. I have interned with the Strategic Innovations branch at Climate Solutions, and worked as a Storytelling Intern for the Post-Landfill Action Center, both of which were very informative to my approach to sustainability. I am also the Co-Chair of Oswing Blues, and a Lead RA for the first year dorms. Outside of sustainable pursuits, I also enjoy writing fantasy adventures, and will soon publish my second novel.

Danyang (Dennis) Dong, Class of '18: 

Skyler Davis, Class of '18: I am an Environmental Studies major with a minor in Geology and Political Science. Being a part of the Board has given me opportunities to further understand have sustainability is driving the future and the business world. Resilience is one factor that I don't think is discussed enough when it comes to environmental issues and as well as advances. I am hoping future projects, as well as current ones, adapt this thinking and that we as a board can promote it. In addition to my major, my internship over the summer was aimed at teaching about sustainable drivers in business and am currently in a beekeeping exco. I'm very excited to learn more about projects and the different funds and am looking forward to the outcome of the people we are working with.

Rebecca Chant, Class of '19: 

Board Advisor:
  • Sean Hayes, Executive Director of The Oberlin Project
Student Senate Green Liaison:
  • TBA
  • Heidi Pycraft, Controller
  • Jim Klaiber, Director of Procurement, Technology & Systems Implementation 
Past Board Members: 
  • Maya Sosland, Class of '19: (Carbon Management Fund Liaison)
  • Nimo Ismail, Class of '17 (Student Senate Green Liaison)
  • Elaine Hinrichs, Class of '16
  • Amelia Wallace, Class of '16
  • Darrell Davis, Class of '16 (Student Senate Green Liaison)
  • Delia Scoville, Class of '16
  • Kyle Mytelka, Class of '16
  • Chloe Vassot, Class of '18 (Carbon Management Fund Liaison)
  • Liam Leslie, Class of '15
  • Yuran Pan, Class of '15
  • Alexander Katz, Class of '16
  • Evan Tincknell, Class of '14
  • Noel Myers, Class of '14
  • Nicole Le, Class of '14 (Office of Finance Green Liaison) 
  • Paul Paschke, Class of '14 (Student Senate Green Liaison)
  • Will DiMaggio, Class of '14
  • Richelle Romanchik, Class of '14 
  • Ren Wiscons, Class of '15
  • Alexander Deeter, Class of '13
  • Tani Colbert-Sangree, Class of '13
  • Marion Rockwood, Class of '12
  • Joshua Laufer, Class of '12
  • Timothy Ballard, Class of '11
  • Madeline Marvar, Class of '11
  • Benjamin Jakubowski, Class of '11
  • Claudia Randrup, Class of '10
  • Lucas Brown, Class of '09
  • Kristen Braziunas, Class of '08
Past Administrators
  • Keith Watkins, Director of Facilities Operations