Board Members
Student board members (Fall 2014) in front of one of the Green EDGE Fund sponsored solar PV panels on the roof of Kahn Hall. From left to right: Julia Murphy, Hillary Pan, Alex Katz, Yuran Pan, Elaine Hinrichs, and Delia Scoville

Julia Murphy, Class of '17: I am an Economics and Environmental Studies double major with a minor in Religion. I feel that economics and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand. To me the Green EDGE Fund represents this duality, which inspired my desire to be a board member and inspires me as I work with Green EDGE. Although I appreciate people’s efforts to make life-changes to support the environment I feel that our generation must fight for substantial infrastructural and societal change for our society to be environmentally sustainable. I enjoy traveling and music. This semester at Oberlin I am part of a new organization looking to create pluralism in economics, I am also teaching the Alternative Schools of Economic Thought ExCo. Otherwise, I am on the Economics Majors Committee. I am very excited about working with the EDGE Fund this semester and for the years to come.

Hillary Pan, Class of '18: (Office of Environmental Sustainability Efficiency Liaison) I’m a Physics major from the San Francisco Bay Area. Working with the Office of Environmental Sustainability in conjunction with the Green EDGE Fund has been such an exciting experience, and I look forward to working further on projects presented in both. I see the Green EDGE Fund as one of the best tools for the Oberlin community to make sustainability projects become a reality and I'm especially interested in seeing larger infrastructural projects that will promote efficiency at Oberlin brought to the table. In addition to my liaison position, I'm a research assistant in both the physics and environmental studies departments and an editor/writer/admin for The Synapse.

Maya Sosland, Class of '19(Carbon Management Fund Liaison) 

Nimo Ismail, Class of '17(Student Senate Green Liaison) 

Erik Gonzales-Kramer, Class of '17: 

Danyang (Dennis) Dong, Class of '18: 

Skyler Davis, Class of '18: 

Rebecca Chant, Class of '19: 

Juan Contreras, Class of '19: 

Board Advisor:
  • Sean Hayes, Executive Director of The Oberlin Project
Student Senate Green Liaison:
  • Nimo Ismail
  • Heidi Pycraft, Controller
  • Jim Klaiber, Director of Procurement, Technology & Systems Implementation 
Past Board Members: 
  • Elaine Hinrichs, Class of '16
  • Amelia Wallace, Class of '16
  • Darrell Davis, Class of '16 (Student Senate Green Liaison)
  • Delia Scoville, Class of '16
  • Kyle Mytelka, Class of '16
  • Chloe Vassot, Class of '18 (Carbon Management Fund Liaison)
  • Liam Leslie, Class of '15
  • Yuran Pan, Class of '15
  • Alexander Katz, Class of '16
  • Evan Tincknell, Class of '14
  • Noel Myers, Class of '14
  • Nicole Le, Class of '14 (Office of Finance Green Liaison) 
  • Paul Paschke, Class of '14 (Student Senate Green Liaison)
  • Will DiMaggio, Class of '14
  • Richelle Romanchik, Class of '14 
  • Ren Wiscons, Class of '15
  • Alexander Deeter, Class of '13
  • Tani Colbert-Sangree, Class of '13
  • Marion Rockwood, Class of '12
  • Joshua Laufer, Class of '12
  • Timothy Ballard, Class of '11
  • Madeline Marvar, Class of '11
  • Benjamin Jakubowski, Class of '11
  • Claudia Randrup, Class of '10
  • Lucas Brown, Class of '09
  • Kristen Braziunas, Class of '08
Past Administrators
  • Keith Watkins, Director of Facilities Operations