Oakwood Angus Farm specializes in premium quality seed stock Black Angus Cattle.  
We are family owned & operated.  Located in Montevallo, Alabama.

"Micro-Brewed"..."Small Batch"..."Reserve Selection"..."Limited Edition"..."Proprietor’s Choice"...there are many expressions that could be used to describe the philosophy behind our operation.  Our detailed approach to herd management means that all our cattle are designed for consistent performance, yielding solid results in your herd and for your bottom line:

    • Vigorous calves on the ground that grow out
    • Great dams
    • Gentle dispositions
    • Easy keeping, good-natured bulls
    • High maternal, easy fleshing and calving-ease traits
    • Breeding program focused on structural correctness
Due to the fact that we keep our herd limited in number, we focus on the details of every animal, every day.  We feel that our hands-on approach works, because the results are cattle not only built better genetically, but also the most docile, easiest handling animals out there.


This approach is what separates us from other, bigger operations. However, we think you’ll like that we do things a little differently.