Oaktree Homeowners Association


The Oaktree Homeowners Association has several committees that assist the community in various ways. These committees are made up purely of volunteers. Committee members are not required to be on the HOA Board. Joining a committee is a great way to lend a hand to your community!

Contact any Committee or Board Member for information on joining a committee.

Architectural Committee
The Architectural Committee must approve all modifications to your home's exterior. This includes, but is not limited to siding, roofs, decks, garage doors, exterior painting, windows, fencing, driveways and additions. When in doubt please contact a member of the Architectural Committee to see if approval is needed. The architectural review process is a quick and painless process. Forms are available from this website or any board member. This process is in place to maintain continuity in the neighborhood, which ultimately helps keep our property values high.

Download a Request Form from the Download Forms Page.

Contact Architectural Committee
Grounds Committee
Please help keep the common grounds clean and available for all of our residents to enjoy. This means not dumping any trash or yard waste on the common grounds. Illegal dumping is a county violation and will be reported to the sheriffs department if it continues.
Please also remember to clean up after your dog when walking through the community. This is the county law and violations will be reported to the sheriff's department. Please refer to the Loudoun County Ordinance Chapter 612.19 for clarification.

Contact Grounds committee
Social Committee
The Oaktree Social Committee is made up of volunteers responsible for coordinating neighborhood social events and gatherings. Suggestions and questions regarding social events should be directed to the Social Committee members. Anyone interested in volunteering to join the Social Committee may contact any social committee member for information. 
Pool Committee
The Pool Committee consists of neighborhood volunteers that handle the duty of distributing pool passes, communicating with the pool management company, and coordinating pool house maintenance. Questions regarding the pool should be directed to the Pool Committee members. Anyone interested in volunteering to join the Pool Committee may contact any  pool committee member for information.