A Call for MakerSpace Designs & Products for the 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium

Frankenstein 200 Years later...
Mary Shelley began writing Frankenstein during the year 1816 and first published it in 1818, marking the debut of one of British Romanticism's most celebrated works of literature. This January 30th, 2017, The Oakridge School will be hosting students and faculty of various schools to discuss Shelley's novel 200 years later.

One of the opportunities we're most excited about is the chance for students to submit a design or product developed in a MakerSpace learning environment. In the spirit of Victor Frankenstein's experience, we urge students to engage in the Design Thinking Process:
[image taken from springhillschool.org]

Instructions for MakerSpace submissions:
1. Develop an understanding of an identified challenge (much like Victor did when he began to think passionately about methods for animating life in an inanimate object...)
2. Clearly articulate the problem you want to solve (in Victor's case, it was the limitations presented by mortality)
3. Brainstorm potential solutions; then select and develop your solution.
4. Design a prototype to test your solution.
5. Engage in a short-cycle innovation process to improve your design.
6. Journal about your experiences in stages 1 through 5 (there is no length requirement for the "journal" component)
7. Submit a high quality image (or images) of your design, or provide a link to a video that showcases the product. Provide a document version of your diary as well.

Students are not limited to any specific challenge, problem, or topic, and of course, it doesn't have to be as "ambitious" as Victor's questionable endeavor. The only other requirement is that the design or product include some kind of found or recycled material as part of the process. After all, that's what Victor had to do when building his creation. Students need to make sure they include their name, title of work, and school in the written part of the submission, and the products or designs that are accepted will be showcased in 2017 Frankenstein Colloquium's MakerSpace exhibit.

If there are any questions, please contact Jared Colley, English Chair:

Remember, submissions are due Nov. 22nd, 2016.

Submission Form can be found here.
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Contact Info.:
Jared Colley
Chair, English Department
The Oakridge School
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