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California Teacher's Association 


CTA believes that a safe environment free of physical, health and other threats is vital to an effective learning process.
  • Abusive Behavior and Criminal Activities in Schools
School employees and students must be safe from physical, verbal, and psychological abuse and criminal activity. The state must fund appropriate nursing, psychological, counseling, health and social services, tolerance, peer mediation, conflict resolution, and character education programs for all students. Students who pose dangers to others must have access to appropriate intervention services within the regular program or alternative education programs. Parents must be accountable for their children’s conduct, and local law enforcement costs must be funded with education moneys.
  • Disaster Emergency Preparedness Plan
Schools must comply with the Standardized Emergency Management System, and districts must implement Education Code-required emergency plans and training. Schools must be well-stocked with first aid, sanitation supplies, and food in case of natural disasters. Staff must train in emergency protocols and procedures in case of campus violence.
  • Environmental Safety
Students and employees should be insulated from environmental pollution and hazards. Schools shall be constructed on environmentally safe property. School personnel, students, and their families shall be notified of potential hazards and correction plans.
  • Safe School Environment
All educational facilities must be smoke-free and safe from all environmental and chemical hazards, including lead from water pipe systems, friable asbestos, inadequate ventilation, and sick-building syndrome. Local districts must immediately communicate information about hazards to the public.

  • Responsibility for School Safety
Local school districts and state agencies must make schools safe for teachers and students. Every classroom should have an electronic communication connection to the school office.
  • Student Safety
CTA believes students must be safe from the time they leave home until they return. They must be safe regardless of their mode of transportation.

(Updated - Nov 2017)