A grievance exists when a faculty member has a reasonable allegation that a contract agreement clause or past practice has been violated, misinterpreted or applied unfairly. It is the association and the bargaining unit member who determine that a grievance exists, not the administration. The employer may dispute the grievability of a problem but may not refuse to hear it, respond to it and/or process it through the grievance procedure. A grievance is a dispute between the association (through its members) and the employer regarding an employment contract, rule or practice. A grievance is NOT a dispute between employees, nor should it be a personal conflict between a grievant and an administrator.

Why are grievances important?

Grievances are important because we must enforce our negotiated contract. From a negotiations perspective, there really is no need to negotiate changes to our contract if our members are not willing to enforce that contract.

If you feel that there is a contract violation happening on your school site, it is important to quickly discuss your concerns with an OEA Site Representative. Check out the current contractual agreement to help answer some of your questions.

How do I begin the grievance process?

Ideally, a member who feels a grievance is in order will discuss the matter with their school site representative before meeting with the site administrator. The site rep will be able to consult with the OEA Grievance Committee member in their cluster if needed. After deciding that a grievance needs to be filed, the site rep or member involved will schedule a grievance meeting with their site administrator. At that meeting, it is important to state that the meeting is to informally discuss the situation and try to resolve the matter. 

Grievance Process Steps

  • Start with Pre-Formal Meeting

    1. Must raise within 20 days of being notified of issue

    2. Admin has 7 days to respond

    B. Level 1 - Grievance Form
    1. Call OEA office for grievance number

    2. Grievance form on OEA website

    3. Keep it short

    4. Admin has 7 days to response

    5. Contact OEA if you do not receive response 

    C. Level 2 - Goes to NEXCO 
    D. Level 3 - Goes to Superintendent office
    E. If still not resolved goes to Grievance Committee and Executive Board decides if the grievance goes to Arbitration. 

    OEA Grievance Form here

    Note: Make sure to call the OEA Office for a grievance number before you file the Grievance Form. The OEA Grievance Committee needs to track all grievances.

    Grievance Chain of Command

    Grievance Committee

    Our Grievance Committee meets to discuss and evaluate grievances happening in the District. 

     Mark Airgood, Chair Edna Brewer 
     Susan DeNault Substitute
     Nikita Gibbs Markham
     Soo Hyun Han Bridges at Melrose
     Al Hoffman Garfield
     Virginia Johnson Santa Fe
     Sylvia Mollard Lazear
     Albertina Padilla Encompass
     Erica Perry Highland CDC
     Ben Visnick         Oakland High