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About Site Representatives

There’s a great feeling of solidarity that comes over a group when the purpose is clear and the group is headed in the right direction, working hard and working together. In general, voting members of Representative Council are elected from each school representing 150 active OEA members from the 8 Clusters. The council meets monthly from August to June or as necessary. Special meetings may be called in times of crisis or emergency by the president. Site representatives are valued and appreciated public education advocates who truly embody our mantra: “Create Success”. Contact your schools Site Reps to find out more!

List of the OEA Site Reps


Need to know who your Site Rep is for your school site? Email info@oaklandea.org 

Membership Updates

OEA Reps should:
  • Update their contact lists every year
  • Make sure new teachers have filled out their membership forms
  • Contact OEA with membership updates
Please return membership forms to the OEA office and email this updated contact information to the membership committee:

3 Minute Site Meetings

Site Representatives who hold regular building meetings have the best shot at strengthening membership support. “But they won’t stay for a building meeting,” you complain. “They say they’re too busy.” Try promising a 10-minute meeting – timed by the clock. You have to rule with an “iron hand” and few words, but you can do it. Make Association meetings snappy and businesslike.

  • 3 Minutes: Updates from SCTA and CTA – The statewide and local context of the Association’s efforts help members feel that time spent is worthwhile. (We’re keeping members informed)
  • 3 Minutes: Our Hot Issue – We need to show members how their self interest and concern for public education is served by our actions.
  • 3 Minutes: What Is Needed – Brief outline of where volunteers are needed and what they are needed to do. Include all available help for them to be successful. (This will be followed up with a personal request via phone or face to face)
  • 1 Minute: A Success Story – We’re having great success in this area, or, we’re optimistic in this area thanks to YOUR efforts. Keep up the good work. (Develop a sense of optimism and team spirit)
  • “Time’s up! We told you we would do it in 10 minutes! Don’t forget to leave your questions and suggestions at the door.”

Cluster Action Team (CAT)

CAT is OEA's organizing committee and one of its purposes is to makes sure there is a Site Rep at every school so that every member knows what is going on with their union. CAT always needs more members on the CAT Team to help keep the communication going in OEA. Email: info@oaklandea.org